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neothechosen · 619


First of, thanks everyone who gave a thumbs-up to this list, it's very much appreciated! I didn't think so many people would care for it.

I've been playing the deck some more and still like it a lot. With the coming of the Wasp hero pack soon (january if it doesn't get pushed further), it seems at least one change will be in order: changing Relentless Assault for Into the Fray. I really love RA but Into the Fray seems like a perfect match for this deck: 6 DMG to a minion, remove threaths for any "extra" damage dealt... which, of course, is a perfect match for Moment of Triumph! And since Thor is arguably the best hero in town to find minions (thx Defender of the Nine Realms), Into the Fray makes perfect sense and helps you maintain control over the main scheme even more.

I also usually change Spider-Girl for War Machine, much better at thwarting and can take multiple hits if needed.

Have fun, happy New Year's everyone!

Going through a Thor phase - I feel like some of the newer cards really fix some problems he's been having. I tried some of those cards in a Leadership deck recently with satisfying results. However I feel that, applied to aggression, I FINALLY managed to get Thor where I want. This deck features nice combos that really make him shine.

What new cards?

Sample awesome turn:

I managed to get installed pretty well - Asgard, Combat Training, Mjolnir, Battle Fury, God of Thunder twice, Hulk.

Starting as Odinson (6 cards). Flip to Thor, use Defender of the Nine Realms, draw two cards (7 in hand). Attack the villain, use Earth's Mightiest Heroes (6 in hand) targeting Hulk and myself; attack the villain again.

Play Hammer Throw (2 cards in hand), defeat the minion, ready from Battle Fury, use Moment of Triumph to heal 6. Attack the villain a 3rd time for a total of 18 DMG dealt, 6 life gained.

Of course this requires some setup and some luck, but gives you an idea how it can work.


Build an economy - you'll have time for attacks later. so, God of Thunder, Avengers Mansion, [Team-Building Exercise], Asgard(/card/12024).

Prepare for the goodness - Combat Training, Mjolnir, Battle Fury, allies to fuel Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Get rid of side schemes! - Defender of the Nine Realms works wonders for this. Use Sentry, Lady Sif to help TWH.

Keep control - use "You'll Pay for That!" while face-tanking to keep in control of the main scheme. Use Moment of Triumph to gain back your life and stay in hero form longer, preventing the villain from scheming.

Odinson - revert to Odinson when you've remove threaths using "You'll Pay for That!". This will give you the opportuniy to recover, draw an extra card, recall Mjolnir.

All in all the interaction between these cards are really cool and work as a whole to make the most out of aggro Thor. I really feel that we're getting somewhere with him.



Dec 16, 2020 Deconkrissor · 1

I tried thisdeck, against Klaw and against Ultron. Well, not the exactly same deck, but a version very close to it, focusing on You'll pay for that and Moment of Triumph to keep on fighting and keeping the scheming under control.

First time i ever do anything good with Thor!!!

Thanks for sharing that list!

Dec 16, 2020 neothechosen · 619


I actually feel the same, I had pretty much given up on building for Thor but this got me playing him like never before. It's not perfect but it's fun to play and answers a lot of issues I had with this hero, altough I sometimes think about moving a few things around (for instance, I think Chase Them Down would make a lot of sense in here... )

Thanks again!

Dec 16, 2020 Deconkrissor · 1

Actually, i think your approach to Thor can also work with Hulk. Juste gave it a try and i defeated Klaw un 4 rounds...

Dec 17, 2020 neothechosen · 619

huh. didn't think about that! I'll have to give it a try. I had to resort to play Justice to solo Hulk, but I have a hard time seeing him anything but aggressive.

BTW love your nickname, sounds like a way to rip the face off the villain! :)

Dec 27, 2020 dr00 · 4288

i'm finally getting around to testing out TBE with Thor, and this is such a solid list. have you tried Quincarrier? it's also avenger traited. i almost feel like -1 TBE +1 quin might be worth it. how often are you playing both? and how often are you actually using both once you have them down?

and one final thing, i've been really curious about Assess the Situation. i feel like it's just a really great card, but i wasn't sure how great it would be for heroes who don't value . how have you found it with thor?

Dec 27, 2020 neothechosen · 619

Hello! Thx for the kind words!

Quincarrier sure could find a home here. I choose TBE over it because it's cheaper and efficient for so many cards, but I could see a half and half with carrier. To be honest, I priorize God of Thunder whenever possible. With both TBE out, the main use is for playing costly allies (Sentry, Lady Sif) or Mjolnir after the Hammer Throw.

Assess the Situation has been really useful. You often end up with one card left in your hand, so with this card it's not a loss and you get a much better next turn. I happened to play it even late game when I got everything else in play, still worth it.

I tried various changes to the deck (even put out a new list out there), cutting Assess the Situation had a bad impact. Curiously I cut EMH and thrown in a few more allies, I felt it was even more solid.

Dec 30, 2020 amustoe · 1

Introduced my bro in law to the game. Used this as a base, well done!

Dec 30, 2020 neothechosen · 619

Thanks a lot!!

Happy New Year!!

Jan 09, 2021 carolina_bryan · 1

Glad its working for you, but it just didn't click with me. Went 1-4 going through core set and Goblin on expert with random modular sets. I often had "dead hands" and typically faced scenarios that wrecked me before I had time to set up. Sure, even in losses he has some cool movements, but I feel Thor is still very flawed, and incredibly luck dependent.

Jan 09, 2021 neothechosen · 619

That's kinda hard to read. I'll say the deck has its own rhythm and needs some getting used to, but I rarely got dead hands playing it, with 16 permanents to put in play and quite a few meaningful events. As far as I'm concerned, I got the best of most games with it, but I can imagine it doesn't match everyone's style, and that's ok.

Still Thor can be fun. Maybe have a look at Thor Justice? I tried the 'Hel's kitchen' deck when it was posted, it was pretty good.

Good games!

Jan 10, 2021 carolina_bryan · 1

The “16 permanents to put in play” is a double edged sword, especially in expert/heroic. The board state just escalates too quickly many times to spend that much time getting upgrades/supports out. I just think they made Thor reliant on too many moving pieces for him to ever be consistently good. I don’t think the aspect matters, Thor’s always going to be one of the more inconsistent heroes.

Jan 10, 2021 Delfiggalo · 463

Just tried this deck in an Expert Rise of Red Skull campaign attempt. I whooped Crossbones, but Absorbing Man was a roadblock (mostly due to the guard minions). I think Into the Fray will definitely round this deck out, at least for the campaign mode.

I kept losing because I would not have enough health to face tank or defend against an attack and there was too much threat to allow me to flip to alter-ego and recover.

Either way, still the most fun I’ve had playing Thor! Definitely think we need a few more cards to make him “shine” though.

Jan 10, 2021 neothechosen · 619

@Delfiggalo To be honest, I haven't tried the campaign with it, so I just can't say. As I said in the edit part, I now use War Machine instead of Spider-Girl, and I've been using a proxy to play Into the Fray instead of Relentless Assault... yes, it helps!

@carolina_bryan I do agree that Thor will always be more difficult to solo... He's clearly not an OP character like Doctor Strange.

Jan 20, 2021 JLau910 · 1

Amazing deck, been having a ton of fun with Thor because of the additions of "moment of triumph" and "you'll pay for that." Can't wait to add "into the fray" into the deck as well, seems like a natural fit :).

Curious though, what's your thought process on not including "hall of heroes?" Can't see myself adding it (if not for thematic purposes haha).

Jan 20, 2021 neothechosen · 619

Thanks for the comment!

Got my hands on the Wasp hero pack (yay!), Into the Fray is indeed very good (and Wasp is amazing! Story for another time :) ).

Honestly at first I didn't think about Hall of Heroes, thinking it would be too slow to get results and going for Assess the Situation instead. BUT, Hall of Heroes could easily find its way here, I'd cut one Earth's Mightiest Heroes to include it. I did so once, against Ultron, knowing I'd get plenty of minions, and it was indeed a cool move.

I also tried including Nick Fury and Mockingbird, cutting on EMH, which was also good, relieving you with stun / blocks, although the curve gets higher.

Glad you like the deck! Have fun! (and do get the wasp pack ASAP, you won't regret it!)

Jan 20, 2021 JLau910 · 1

Thanks for the reply! Yeah I just got my wasp pack yesterday and am looking forward to adding Into the Fray into it :).

I'm about to play against zola soon so we'll see how he fares against beefier minions (with their potential upgrades too) ... might have to make some adjustments tho. But thanks for the decklist and suggestions, and helping make Thor that much more fun to play.

Jan 21, 2021 Pickles · 13

"With both TBE out, the main use is for playing costly allies" It sounds like you are using multiple TBE to discount the same ally which you cannot do as playing a card with TBE is an action. It makes TBE a one off at most in my decks as even one will not be useful every turn so I prefer the carriers or enhanced attributes along side it.

Jan 21, 2021 neothechosen · 619

wasn't aware there was a restriction. Would you please tell where you found this rule? I rarely have both out anyway, God of Thunder is just better. At this point, I'd just go half and half with Quincarrier so as to keep from putting too many 3 costed cards.

Jan 21, 2021 dr00 · 4288

the ruling is on the card. because it says "play a card from your hand..." you cannot stack it with itself. you can stack it with other things, like helicarrier and quincarrier, but playing the card is part of the effect, so it absolutely does not stack with itself

I guess this does explain earlier when I asked how often you were able to use them more than once per turn lol

Jan 21, 2021 neothechosen · 619

Unfortunately that makes sense. I just went looking through the rulebook and couldn't find anything, your explanation is crystal clear. Oh well... you learn something new everyday, right? :)