Thor - I Find your armies Wanting!

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Earth Dragon · 665

If you ever just wanted to face tank with Thor and unload bulk damage on Minions galore, look no further!!

Even though the minion muncher style was opened up to any hero with some built in Overkill or roll-up damage, Thor is GOD in this Realm. Low ally count is due to playing them is just a distraction. Once you have a follow through or two down, Moment of Triumph heals those hits away swiftly! Spider-Girl is just there to lock down a minion just in-case you can't get to them, but a 3rd Follow Through or a 2nd Endurance may be better.

This deck, and I can't stress this enough for you soloers, is tuned towards Multiplayer, and is gonna shine at the table in 3-4 player games in particular. Get Over Here allows you to not only soften minions up before you Hit them with a Hammer Throw or Into the Fray, it also pulls them to you and allows you to draw a pair of cards. Don't be shy to use Defender of the Nine Realms with this build. If you can't pull a minion already on the table, the thwart from the Dot9R teamed with all the roll up thwart from Into the Fray, Moment of Triumph Healing, and Overkill damage to the Villain makes it worth the mill.

Battle Fury allows you to pre-attack and chip Minions down if they have higher hit point totals to then finish them off with an event and then re-ready up to Hand Cannon another minion somewhere else.

You'll notice the lack of Hall of Heroes: it's a trap with this deck. While you may flip down after obtaining For Asgard! to ensure you get your built in resource generators out, you aren't going to be flipping down often enough after the first pass for it to really be worth it. Healing for as many as 9 on a single use of Moment of Triumph and holding a possible 22 HP in your pool should allow you to stay in hero and get those card pulls when dealt a minion.