Attaque. Super-pouvoir.

Cost: 3.

Action de héros (attaque) : infligez 5 dégâts à un ennemi. SI vous avez utilisé une ressource pour payer cette carte, piochez 1 carte.

Boîte de base #13. Captain Marvel #5-7.
Rayon Photonique


  • If you don’t pay for this with a -resource, then you pay 4 ER (Effective Resources) for only 5 damage, which is really bad.
  • If you do play with a -resource, this card (at worse) becomes 3 ER for 5 damage, which is good.
  • Of course the card you draw is potentially worth more than just a simple resource. It’s a new option or perhaps even a double/triple resource.
  • Clearly designed with Energy Absorption in mind.
  • This card (to a lesser extent due to its high cost) allows you the ability to dig for a card you really want/need.

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Francois · 198
Interesting. But since Uppercut from the Aggregation Aspect is also 3 Cost (effective 5) to deal 5 damage, doesnt that make this card still quite acceptable even in the worst scenario? — LCGFan2020 · 15
But Uppercut is one of the worst aspect cards. — estyles · 26
As estyles said, Uppercut is a bad card. For Aspect cards you want to get as close as possible to 1.5 damage for each ER spent. For Signature cards you ideally want to get as close as possible to 2 damage for each ER spent, but any ratio of 1.5+ damage for each ER spent is acceptable. In summary: — Francois · 198
- Uppercut: Ratio - 1.25 (Bad). - Photonic Blast (No Energy): Ratio - 1.25 (Terrible!) - Photonic Blast (with Energy): Ratio 1.67 (Good). Hope this answeres your question :) — Francois · 198