Gambit's Staff

I absolutely love this card in an Aggression build with Honed Technique + Fusillade (+ Charges if necessary). It’s a cheap weapon that’s already in his deck so you can focus on attack events with your other cards. Plus, if you’re dealing with minions that frequently get a Tough status, you can include Jarnbjorn in your deck and use Gambit’s Staff to ping Tough off and still activate Honed Technique + Fusillade.

Kooz · 1
Judoka Skill

If you compare it to Med Team, it's 1 resource cheaper, but you can't use it to affect your allies' hit points. However, its usability isn't limited if you are at full HP. Both save/restore up to 6 HP.

Compared to the likes of Desperate Defense or Never Back Down it doesn't give you any sort of kicker for not taking any damage, but do keep in mind it also doesn't thin out your hand during the villain phase when you use it, which I believe is a key point for them. And you can always stack it with defense events to make it easier or to ensure you won't take any damage!

Alatreon · 22
Inspiring Presence

Lordy this is a nice card. Generally a free extra activation of the ally of your choice. This card is a great asset for voltron leadership decks. My favorite use I've seen for it is playing Spider-Woman as a hero and then sticking a Sky Cycle a Power Gloves on Captain Marvel. This card effectively becomes a 1 ER ally boosted ally activation that helps cycle your deck!

But really I think anytime you can get an ally doing 3+ of something this card becomes really great value, but the ceiling can get even higher.

Certainly not a card for every deck, but a great option for avenger voltron decks.


2 cost allies are good. They come down, they do a thing, they die blocking. Great value

Stinger is a one cost ally who doesn't count against your ally limit. Sure, she's a 1-1 but who cares at that cost? 1 of what you need and a chump block is great

She's particularly good for Strength In Numbers or Band Together decks. Since she doesn't count against your limit she becomes an amazing battery to have on the board.

Only downside is the guilt you'll feel when you chump with her when Ant-Man is in your game. C'mon, that's his daughter.


Its never bad to have Ant-Man. He is at worst a very cheap chump, more likely a 2 cost ally with above average stats, and can serve as a resource dump to create an even more valuable ally depending on your priorities and what's in your hand.

Ant-Man is just a flexible guy to have around, and this card reflects that. Almost a must-include in Avengers leadership decks, and has a home in just about every non-tribal leadership deck as well.