Goin' Rogue

On first glance, this card is not great. 2 for 3 threat is pretty ehhh for a Superpower thwart action, really needing you to be Aerial to make it a 2 for 5, which then makes it okay. But the secret tech for this card is if you run Rogue under the Protection Aspect you can run Dauntless , allowing Rogue to get Retaliate outside of Touched. This means that if you run Dauntless with Touched attached to an Ally card, you can have both AERIAL and Retaliate at the same time - making this become a 2 cost card that removes 5 threat AND Confuses an enemy, and that's pretty good!

Soulfire · 3
You point out a cool interaction with dauntless! I still think even without it the card is pretty strong, because using "touch" is free and touching an ally is rather easy (just pack 10 allies in your deck and never run out of it). In fact several older heroes would probably be jealous (thinking about Captain Marvel's Crisis interdiction or, even worse, Hulk's Suborbital Leap... By THOSE standards, Goin' Rogue is an exemple of power creep!). — neothechosen · 9160

At a cost of 4 for unlimited thwarting, Cannonball offers pretty amazing value, and with Knowhere and Starhawk a wide variety of heroes can make use of him so I'm surprised to see that almost all the decks that use him on this site go with Angel.

I think Journeyman2 was the first to point out the way these three cards can work together (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/32322/guardian-angel-1.0), and KakitaJamie was the first to use them in a non-Angel deck (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/32647/adam-warlock-can-fly-1.0). I've been trying Thor (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/34161/flying-green-thor-1.0) as Cannonball, Starhawk and Knowhere help a lot with Thor's weaknesses in thwarting and card draw, but really there are a lot of heroes who can make this work so I'm hoping to draw more attention to this little idea.

adsarf · 305
Directed Force

Directed Force hits the exact target we expect for damage per resource spent at 2, provided you make a keyworded attack. With the exception of Bazooka, these keywords appear exclusively on hero cards and Aggression cards for hero attacks. I'm particularly interested in this when the keyword is granted by an upgrade in play, making Directed Force playable whenever you draw it, as opposed to events that would need to be drawn at the exact same time. Heroes that can achieve this are Psylocke, X-23, Wolverine, Wasp, Deadpool, Ruby Quartz Visor, Hawkeye, Cable, War Machine, Domino, Star-Lord, Spider-Ham, and Rogue. Nebula and Rocket have some too, but they might not stay out forever given how the heroes play. There's lots of stuff to try here, but I like the idea of a Hawkeye Directed Force deck, since he can search up the Bow at the start of the game and get a ranged arrow attack every turn. Psylocke is great too since she starts with her Psi-Katana in play and can draw this with Training Regimen. It does come in her hero pack after all. Heroes aside, any Aggression deck playing Hand Cannon will love to play this card too.

Stretch22 · 384
Lay the Trap

I don't like this as a card in a vacuum, but in the aspect with a whole archetype devoted to defeating side schemes, this can play a role. Damaging the villain is always one of the weakest things to do in a game of Champions because it does nothing to answer encounter cards, so it's hard to want to spend resources completing this. On rate, you spend about 3-4 resources to play and complete this for 5 damage, which is pretty bad though it does scale better in multiplayer. I'd need lots of effects like Followed, Skilled Investigator, Turn the Tide, Chance Encounter, etc to feel like I want this, and even then I'd load up on the basic player side schemes first.

Stretch22 · 384

I didn't understand what Hellcat was doing in this set when I first saw her. I wasn't sure what tricks the bouncing enabled, playing her again for 3 every time felt expensive, and I wasn't especially interested in Leadership decks building around it.

But now I understand that she's not just a gimmick card; she's also a strong staple for She-Hulk, no tricks required. Here's the two key bits:

  1. She's a very reliable source of thwart, helping make up for She-Hulk's 1 THW in aspects like Aggression.
  2. Her ability is most commonly useful as "Action: Spend three resources -> Heal all damage from Hellcat and ready her."

Three resources is the same effective cost as playing First Aid and Get Ready from hand. It's worth 4 THW total, which is pretty good return for 3 resources—the same as an activated For Justice!. This wouldn't usually be good enough value on an Event (sorry, For Justice!), but as an effect you can do any time forever? That's very very flexible and strong.

When playing She-Hulk, keep an eye out for times when you have extra resources you don't know what to do with, and dump them into Hellcat. May as well keep that engine running!

(Consider Avengers Tower with her, too: it's not unrealistic to bounce her back up every turn, especially for 2 resources instead of 3!)

matchu · 17