Watch out, Vivian is NOT an avenger, but a champion. It is a big deal, as lots of upgrades are meant for a specific category (Sky Cycle, for instance) , so take it into account when deckbuilding.

Please correct!

neothechosen · 3111
"Welcome Aboard"

Why hello there, it's a new variant of The Power of Leadership! Like TPoL, this card essentially gets you two resources for the price of one card.


  • only pays for allies, does not pay for Leadership Events, etc. If you draw this in a hand with no allies, you'll probably be sad (but see below)
  • requires a Guardian hero (deckbuilding constraint, and turn sequencing constraint)
  • does not work with Make the Call (per official ruling, TPoL does)
  • bad to draw in multiples due to Max 1 per round
  • doesn't have TPoL's wild resource to help pay for removing villain attachments, etc.


  • pays for non-Leadership allies, such as hero-specific allies, and the often very good Basic guardian allies (e.g. Rocket Raccoon)
  • can be donated to other players if the turn sequencing works out. This is probably the biggest upside: giving someone a discount of 2 on their big ally, or making their cheap ally "free" can make some hands much less clunky
  • sometimes you wish you could have more than two copies of TPoL in your deck. Well, here you go!

Overall: doesn't go in every Leadership deck, but some decks will want it in addition to TPoL, and some decks will want it instead of TPoL.

Fry · 5

There are 3 reasons I can think of to play this card. 1. You are maxed out on Indomitables -- in order for this to trigger during the villain phase, you must have already defended against a villain attack, in which case Indomitable does the same thing. 2. You are playing Thor or Valkyrie, who have the ability to engage minions during the player phase -- a decent idea, especially since readying is exactly what you might need to defeat the new minion. 3. You are Black Widow -- with her Preparation synergies. I think this is the option it will be played with most since the value of a 2-ER ready is not super high, but the extra value from the Preparation trait makes it worth it.

Stretch22 · 159
I could see wanting this in Protection Hulk, as a sort-of Indomitable but with a fist resource. In general, I agree that Indomitable is better most of the time due to the significantly more common trigger condition. Right now, most of the cards you could play to trigger Anticipation reliably are in Aggression - if Protection gets more cards that let you engage minions and/or deal yourself more encounter cards, that could potentially make this better. — Fry · 5
Molecular Decay

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. Many people consider Hex Bolt her most prominent reason for that, but perhaps Molecular Decay is the real power behind the throne. This card is capable of doing 11 damage for four effective resources, hitting harder than Web Swing and Hulk Smash, provided you are extremely lucky. The difference is of course variance as often you will only get in the 7-9 range which is still very respectable and can just hit very hard out of nowhere. You almost always want to target the villain with this. The interesting thing about this card is that it scales up with the difficulty of the opponent, as more difficult scenarios usually have more boost icons among their encounter cards.

chaosof99 · 9
Mass Attack

I can't read this card and not compare it to United We Stand. Since Mass Attack requires you to exhaust your allies, you obviously can't use them for the turn. That's comparable to using the 3 allies as normal, then healing up the consequential damage with United We Stand...for 3 resources fewer. Mass Attack adds in your hero's attack, but it's hard for that to add more than 3 damage, far from worth 3 resources. To top it off - Mass Attack has a big setup requirement of 3 allies that share a trait with your hero, so on a lot of turns, especially in the early game, it will be unplayable. Now, this is potentially an unfair comparison as UWS can regularly turn 1 resource into 4-6 damage, which is insane. You also might not be running an Avenger as your hero (but Avenger is probably the easiest way to get 3 allies and a hero with the same trait). Compared to other 3-cost attacks like Swinging Web Kick or Gamma Blast, Mass Attack actually does a comparable job. 3 2-ATK allies and a 2 ATK hero makes this deal 8 damage, and that's with fairly average stats. An exciting idea could be a Spider-Woman deck or a multiplayer game that can give your allies Enraged. Blade and Wonder Man are cheap allies that come to mind with high attack but steep attack costs that could also pair well with Mass Attack. This is a build-around card for sure, but it can fill a role as the heavy hitting attack event Leadership doesn't get much of.

Stretch22 · 159
Yep, definitely the right comparison to make. United We Stand is much easier to use, but the value can be a bit less, particularly if you're not facing off against a Stage 3+ villain. The other huge upside to UWS is that it is also very good at Thwarting, which isn't an option for Mass Attack. Situations where Mass Attack is better include non-Avenger decks (Guardian, or maybe Aerial), allies that have explicit extra costs, allies that take more than one consequential damage, enemies with Retaliate, or if you find yourself with Tough status on your allies that you don't want to lose just yet. — Fry · 5