Height Advantage

Ngl, this is a very niche card that is hard to justify putting in your deck. Vision can squeeze some use out of it but bumping his Intangible form damage reduction to 3 damage instead of 2. And that is nothing to scoff at doing just generic villains and minion. Yes, you have to play it and it goes away but it works when you need that extra damage reduction in Intangible. You can take minion hits that would hit your allies and they'll love you for it. Still situational but could easily work.

Maybe I'm not creative enough but I can't seem to find any other types of characters or protection archetypes simply because a -1 damage is kinda small. You could play x3 in a row and -3 damage for the entire turn but even if you do that, that is -3 damage reduction for 1 turn and one whole cycle of your deck. Maybe someday, there will be a hero that will have built in damage reduction (Luke Cage?) but I don't think he would have aerial in the first place.

Anyways, there are better cards out there, that are not trait locked that are in protection. I wonder if it would be more useful is it was a -2 DR or a -3DR for 2 Cost.

Nomad · 11
It would be a solid card, if the response not be forced... — nosiak · 46
Magical Enhancements

This card is generally dead for Strange himself. Strange never wants to use his basic activations if he can help it. It's generally much more impactful for him to exhaust for spell casts. That being said there are some niche situations where this card might come in handy. If you need 1 more ATK/THW to clear a problem minion/scheme or more interestingly in multiplayer. This card seems particularly well suited for buffing Quicksilver since he gets 3 uses out of the stats minimum. With 3 total readies this card values out to be a For Justice for 1 less cost.

Running Interference

En español pone descartar recursos pero es una Errata. En verdad debería de decir "gasta recursos" que habilita el poder usar universales como el recurso que quieras, de la otra forma no se podría gastar universales como el que quieras

Freakmod · 93
Telekinetic Blast

Screw this card! Seriously, since when are there encounter cards that are like, "oh, are you using your character the way they're clearly intended? Well, now you're dead. Oh, you're in Alter-Ego? Too bad!" How did this get through playtesting?!

nerman8r · 5
It's a nasty card for sure (and Mind Scan is as bad or worse) but I think of it more as a 'push your luck' mechanic. You know that it's there and it can ruin your day if you overindulge in player side schemes, but on the other hand those side schemes are so helpful... — adsarf · 414
Cable having so much of a drive to play with side schemes, when they also have this maybe 40% chance (in single-player) to just kill you, honestly makes me not want to play Cable. — nerman8r · 5
Me: Flips to alter-ego at 2 hp and takes a breath — fluffyseaotter · 56
Dies immedietaly — fluffyseaotter · 56

Groot is a really beefy ally (there is one of only three for aspects in the game, that had 6 hit points.) Potentially our Big Friendly Tree can block infinity times, but in reality in expert mode this will be good for 2-3 blocks (and small attack/thwart in beetween last defend) which is insanely good.

Obvious trait locked make him not playable in everydeck. But still this is A (auto-include in all Guardians deck), and now with the player side schemes he can be defend even for others heroes.

nosiak · 46