Shake it Off

Obviously great with Drax who needs to get hit a lot. But it also works very well with Star-Lord since his allies always have the GUARDIAN trait, making them very efficient blockers. And it can be a great combo with the Groot basic ally, since he can block an attack from a minion, get tough, heal and in the next turn block an attack from the villian and heal once more.

Vinyl · 3
This card would also go really well with the Groot Ally. With 6 health he has a really good chance of surviving an attack. He will then heal 2 health and with the Tough he will heal 2 more health the next time he is attacked. — calderc23 · 78
Adam Warlock

How does this card interact with Rocket Raccoon'salvage ? I guess we can apply both effects, in any order you wish, right ? (in this case, it's OP)

Munegu · 11
Wow, I did not consider that! Indeed,it seems that you get both effects. The only downside is you lose salvage and its effect since it is discarded and not "spent". I guess it depends on you needs, but I can see how your idea is very appealing. — neothechosen · 2535
Exactly, you lose the "spent" effect. But might be funny. You can even play around Air Supremacy/Schadenfreude (Rocket might be Aerial) to have fair combo — Munegu · 11

If ever there was a card to be Errata'd, this would definitely qualify. You're spending 4 resources to effectively deal 12 damage. Sure, it's restricted to the boss - but that's your win-condition, so not really that big of a deal. That's a 3:1 damage ratio on a Basic ally card that literally every Hero can afford except an early game Iron Man. If you're playing a Guardian Hero, it's hard to pass this card up just because of its hyper-efficiency.

Also worth noting; this essentially makes a card like First Aid a 2 resource 6 damage attack.

RolandWright · 1131
I have to disagree. His only utility is damage to the villain over time. While that is the win condition, there are many other ways to achieve that. OP cards tend to be too good at canceling the villain phase, like Doctor Strange. I think he is the worst of the Guardian allies. — itsevaaan · 1
To clarify, I meant allies limited to Guardian heroes. He is better than Moondragon, for example. — itsevaaan · 1
His THW is only 1, but don’t sleep on the 4 hp, an Inspired Drax with Comms can thwart quite a lot. — Death by Chocolate · 1
@itsevaaan You're undervaluing how important villain damage is from a damage over time perspective. This means your Hero can be thwarting or defending, which, presumably they're better suited for. There being "many other ways to achieve that" has absolutely no baring on the fact that this is a 3 damage per 1 resource card - which, there are in fact, not a lot of ways to do. Also, Doctor Strange is widely considered the strongest Hero in the game. — RolandWright · 1131
@RolandWright I could be undervaluing it. It may just be a personal preference or playstyle. By the time the board state allows for spending 4 resources on just damaging the villain, I usually win in 2 to 3 turns anyway and would rather have an event. I tend to use allies for thwarting and minions. His damage per resource is excellent, if you can use it. — itsevaaan · 1
Crisis Interdiction

Multitasking makes this card look so much worse to me now. 1 cost for multitasking but you have to use a mental resource to activate the second part, which isn't really an issue for a justice deck OR 2 cost and you have to have played a 2 cost upgrade prior to playing this card for the same effect. It's effectively 6ER on a hero card for the same effect as 2ER on an aspect card.

trowa060 · 9
Multitasking can't be used to heal one damage and draw a card with Rechannel, or do two damage through Energy Channel. Captain Marvel is powerful enough with her current cards, I think. — adsarf · 158

This card is sort of the classic Aggression card, but in a negative way, it kind of exemplifies how the designers don't like to give Aggression good cards. 5 damage for 4 effective resources is just not good enough, you should be getting 1.5 damage per resource. But the problems with this card go beyond mere efficiency. It is an expensive card with fairly high damage, which is not particularly good as it tends to overkill some of the minions, you would often rather have cheaper cards that do damage in smaller increments. More significant than that is that the cost of 3 is high enough to reach the point where playing a cost 3 ally would be a more efficient way of dealing damage. But the most disappointing thing about this card is that even if you do make a point of putting it in your deck and not putting in any better alternatives, and you get into a scenario where you really do need to deal damage, it can still end up sitting in your hand because most heroes have a fair number of hero-specific attack cards, and designers are not shy about making hero-specific cards which really are very efficient and far better than Uppercut, so you would rather be playing them.

Uppercut isn’t useless, sometimes you draw it when you need to deal damage and don't have a better card. And it kind of comes into its own at the very end of the game when all you care about is dealing damage and you are happy to find any card in your hand that focuses purely on dealing damage. It is just a disappointing card that I stopped using once I got enough expansions to have more choice in what cards to put in the deck.

cnalexander · 43