Gamora's Sword

Gamora's Sword is an interesting card. Three cost Upgrades must be considered carefully, especially Upgrades that trigger off other actions.

Compared to simpy playing Uppercut, you have to play five Attack Events to break even. Compared to Decisive Blow you might have to play seven! If you are early in the game and you have a large number of attack events, get it down when you can! Once the mid game hits and you have your resource generators down, it may be time to be thoughtful and considering out many times you will trigger Gamora's Sword.

I rate this card a B: A good card that requires building around (lots of Attack events) but may conflict with other card plays

Judicator82 · 48
You can get a little more value out of this by running aggression events that exhaust a weapon as an additional cost, since it doesn't need to exhaust for its own effect. — Death by Chocolate · 2
Unfortunately, Skilled Strike and Mean Swing are not (attack) events, so they do not trigger Gamora's Sword. — Judicator82 · 48
Ah, I mis-read your comment. Yes, Gamora's sword is a good pair for Mean Swing as it doesn't need to exhaust to utilize its ability. — Judicator82 · 48
It's not unreasonable for Gamora to play two attacks per turn, in which case she'll pay this off pretty quickly. If you're playing 0-1 attacks per turn, this will take ages to pay off. Take this into consideration in deck building. And don't forget to trigger when you play Crosscounter! — Fry · 56
I think it looks pretty mediocre if you evaluate it on total damage output, but that metric considerably underestimates the value of a large-number of 1-point non-attack damage packets. When you use it to ping the tough card off a retaliate minion, or stack it with melee to finish off a 4-hp target, or use it to set up a target for Into the Fray, that's where you find value. — OrionJA · 5
(Unfortunately, Gamora's own passive already gives you a good amount of that effect, so this card would arguably be more useful for someone else) — OrionJA · 5
Target Practice

Every time I see this card, my brain interprets it as being an Event. It's not! It's a Support! Which means you can set it on the table and wait for the right moment to use it. Between a set of Target Practice and a set of Pulse Grenade, you could have most of your share of a villain's final stage dealt with the very same turn that stage begins.

Two damage for the cost of one card is pretty good just from a raw value perspective. Though the set of enablers is, at time of writing, fairly limited.

Fry · 56
Annabelle Riggs

I saw a very interesting combo in a playthrough: attaching Honorary Avenger on Annabelle Riggs so you can them attach Sky Cycle to her and use her alter-ego twice per round when you are in alter-ego form.

As there are 8 events in Valkyrie's set you should very often haw 2 additional cards.

AlexandreP · 18
Sorry to rain on your parade, but although Honorary Avenger reads "character", Sky Cycle reads "Attach to an Avenger ALLY." — chile125 · 1
Turn the Tide

A great card that has a wonderful flexibility in the wording of the card. As it doesn't require a basic THW action, you can utilize any Thwart event to trigger this card. You may also deal the damage to any enemy, so no restriction on the Villain, a minion engaged with you, etc.

Best of all, it is 0 cost!

My only real criticism here is the art. Wanda's chest is ridiculously enormous, from the angle of the picture her boobs look to be the size of her head. Without any support, those things would be out of control in a combat situation.

Judicator82 · 48