Préparation. Compétence.

Cost: 1.

1 max par joueur.

Réponse de Héros : après qu'une carte de Boost a été retournée face visible, défaussez Cible Vérrouillée → annulez la capacité de Boost de cette carte.

Black Widow #24.
Cible Verrouillée

With the release of Standard 2 and Expert 2, I feel that this is a card that most decks should be considering as a 1x or even a 2x. Many of the new boost abilities lead to additional boost cards being drawn and things can spiral out of control. This is capable of stopping the problems before they start.

Ionichk · 9
A very scenario-dependent card, but agreed it is very powerful when needed. I recall some of the GMW mod sets having minions that come in to play off boost. This is a cheap way to beat a whole minion! — Stretch22 · 539
There are some scenarios where on Expert, I just pull all three out and say, "okay team, I don't care if it means running a 41 card deck, but everyone is going to do their part on the team and run a copy of this." — Death by Chocolate · 4
@death by chocolate Agreed! Even before Standard 2 / expert 2 some villains have nasty boosts... Klaw comes to mind with sometimes two nasty boost effects on a single attack! And not to mention GMW... — neothechosen · 10271
@neothechosen Yup! Sometimes you just can't afford to let Star Shark or Under Attack kill five allies! — Death by Chocolate · 4
Just a question, it doesn't cancel the boost icons right? — batman · 20
Correct, Target Acquired will not cancel boost icons — Leethus · 15