New and Improved

What a brilliant card design.

In the earliest stages it has the same cost value as Invulnerability (3 for a Tough) but you get to make a choice. And in the early stages of the game, getting a tough or searching for a hero-specific card may be a clutch move, since Ironheart has so much ramping.

But by the late game this card transforms into a brokenly undercosted event, allowing you to grab a Fly Over or Photon Beam as needed, while readying for another attack/thwart and slapping a tough? Not to mention that this card helps you deal with those awful villain cards that remove upgrades. Ironheart has insurance that can always get her hero upgrades back.

MacGhille · 87

All I can think of when I see this card is how much it reminds me of the Serra Angel from MtG: Revised. It cost a little more than you wanted, but it was such an incredible asset with surprising versatility. Also the wings, I guess.

I won't lie, any time I am willing to have a four-cost ally (which isn't all that often, to be honest) this one could give Fury a run for his money. Snowguard becoming an 8HP wall with retaliate could really solve a lot of problems for some decks.

A 3THW ally could be a literal game changer for an Aggression or Protection deck.

And to be frank, Basic cards are typically a little overpriced because of their ability to be in any deck, which means Snowguard may actually be slightly undercosted for what she's capable of.

MacGhille · 87
Height Advantage

I was so excited about this card.

Until I finished reading it.

That was supposed to be the review, but apparently you need 200 characters. (160

Okay, this card is great with enemies that are death by a thousand paper cuts (Ultron and...?) but it's a Protection card which already has a load of amazing 1-cost upgrades that aren't keyword restricted that I would frankly prefer to draw.


MacGhille · 87
Honed Technique

I almost don't know where to begin.

If you build Attack events into your Aggression deck (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't) this card pays dividends all game long. This turns Clobber from an incredible tool into a 5-point smack every single round. Clobber now becomes an infinite minion murder tool. Magic Attack becomes a potential 10-point slam for 1 resource. Melee deals 6 damage to two different enemies. Uppercut becomes Swinging Web Kick, Swinging Web Kick becomes an enhanced Gamma Slam, and Dive Bomb...well with Dive Bomb, we really shook the pillars of heaven, didn't we Wang?

The mental requirement really makes this card fit well in hero decks that have the Genius trait, since the new Ingenuity is perfect for triggering Honed Technique, and only usable in those decks.

MacGhille · 87
Magic Attack would do up to 6 damage with Honed Technique (its cost is 1). Swinging Web Kick, Gamma Slam, and most other non-Spider Woman Hero-specific attacks are not Aggression Attacks, so they aren't eligible for Honed Technique. — Fry · 67
Yes, I got too excited and built a deck around this with Ant-Man...and then realized it doesn't affect Giant Stomp and had my day ruined, lol. — MacGhille · 87
Supernova Helmet

You get this card as soon as you want it (which should be immediately), it provides you with resources and gives Aerial to boot. I know Champions has been overly cautious about cards that require the Aerial trait, but they seem to be coming out of the woods a little with these two latest hero packs. (Ironheart and Nova)

Nova also readies this helmet every time he takes a basic action, so you're going to get two uses most rounds. Add in the Connection to the Worldmind and Nova is not hurting for resources.

MacGhille · 87