Cost: 0.

Attachez cette carte à une manigance. 1 max par manigance.

Interruption de héros : quand n'importe quelle quantité de menaces est retirée de la manigance attachée par un contre, défaussez cette amélioration → retirez une quantité égale de menaces d'une autre manigance.

Spider-Cochon #19.
Observation Attentive

I have a doubt with this card and Cable. His own side scheme, Technovirus Purge says that characters other than Cable cannot remove threat from it. My question is... ¿if I Attach Overwatch to another scheme, can I discard it to remove threat from Technovirus Purge when another character thwarts to the attached scheme?

I'd say yes, as I'm the owner of the overwatch card, and It's me who is using it, therefore, removing threat from Technovirus Purge. I'd just want to know if anybody can confirm that I'm doing right.

wehehe · 130
Yes. Upgrades are considered an extension of your identity. — Stretch22 · 465
Then, the sinergy between this and Spider-Man is just bonkers :O. I used Yesterday to remove a scheme just found with one way or another and TVP with spidey — wehehe · 130
FYI, the Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Justice ally removes threat upon entry, but this is not a "thwart", which is necessary to trigger overwatch. — Stretch22 · 465
Question on this specific matter, if another player attaches overwatch to a side scheme, and I controlling cable thwart that side scheme, can I trigger overwatch on Technovirus purge? What if I place overwatch but someone else thwarts, can overwatch remove from Technovirus purge? And last case, another player places overwatch and thwarts on it, can they remove from technovirus purge? I'm very confused. — Normochampion · 1
1. No. The Overwatch is considered to be done by the other player's identity, not Cable. 2. Yes, that is OP's question. 3. No, same reason as 1. All three could apply the following logic: Does the Cable player control the Overwatch? If yes, it can remove from Technovirus Purge. If no, it cannot — Stretch22 · 465
Ouch, I completely skipped the "by a thwart" part. It was too good to be possible — wehehe · 130