The Power in All of Us

I agree with many of the comments here. This is a fantastic card, and has soooo many practical applications within Basic. (Nick Fury and Avengers Mansion, just to name a few . . .) Don't overlook this one, and I'm glad Basic got some love!!!

bmay511 · 76
Element Gun

3 damage (and piercing!) for one resource is far above the curve, but you have to pay 3+card up front before you can start getting that value. Four shots of the Element Gun is twelve damage for a cost of 7+card, which is about the "break-even" point compared to most attacks. It's probably worthwhile to play the Element Gun you get from your Setup ability (especially since it enables Sliding Shot), but depending on how long it takes you to find it, it may not be worth playing your second Element Gun.

One approach to building and playing would be to create a deck that's intentionally light on attacks, with the idea that you will play out your second Element Gun and just throw cards at the villain's face. The advantage to this strategy is that you'll have more consistent access to thwart/defense/ally/whatever you're putting in the deck slots that would otherwise have been attacks. You'll have less potential for burst damage, though, and your sustained damage output will be low until you find that second Element Gun.

Fry · 56
Iron Man

Generally, a hero with a stat line of 2 ATK, 2 THW, 3 HP costs 3 and has a positive ability. In order to be as good as that, Tony here needs to be discounting at least two upgrades, so you'll want both several types of upgrades (since they're all limit 1 per ally) and multiple copies of each (so you can assemble them in a timely fashion). And then you want Call for Aid and/or other allies who are exceptionally good to play upgrades on (e.g. Ronin). And probably something that can restore HP on your huge investments. So this is not a card to throw in any old deck, but it can be good in the specific archetype.

In addition to all the Avenger upgrades, if you go with Star-Lord and/or Honorary Guardian, you get access to all the Guardian upgrades and Guardians of the Galaxy as well. Play an upgrade for 0, immediately draw a replacement card? VALUE!

Fry · 56
I disagree that you would need two Upgrades, a single one would do it. Inspired, Reinforced Suit, or Power Gloves would put Tony on or above efficiency for activations. I'm not sold on the "positive ability", as they tend to be situational. — Judicator82 · 48
Tony + Power Gloves is a Daredevil that you paid an extra card for. Tony + Reinforced Suit is a Brawn that you paid an extra card and an extra resource for. — Fry · 56
Also, unless you draw them both in the same hand with enough resources to play both, you may either use some of Tony's health before he gets upgraded or pay an opportunity cost by keeping him idle — OrionJA · 5
Avengers Mansion

For being such a staple card introduced in the Core Set, I've never loved this card. The primary reason is that it costs 4, i.e. your whole hand. You generally want to play the Mansion as early as possible for maximal effect, but that means you likely don't have resource generators to help with the cost, meaning you are spending one of your critical early turns doing nothing but playing the Mansion. If you can eat the cost of a Villain Attack, the gained Threat, an extra turn with a Minion out, or Side Schemes doing their thing, it's usually worth it.

The problem is that in some scenarios you just can't afford to take that kind of tempo hit.

Once you play it, it's amazing to have out. An extra card is not simply another resource, it's another option to deal with the situation at hand.

A primary caution is that you do NOT want to have it vulnerable to being discarded by Caught Off Guard.

I'm on the fence on rating this card.

It's either an A: Provides extra cards in a game where card draw is king. Provides an additional option every turn instead of simply more resources.

or a B: Avenger's Mansion is now an option among many options for extra resource generation, and with the availability of 2-cost resource generators and the Quincarrier, the Mansion may be too expensive for your particular Hero.

Judicator82 · 48
Generally better for heroes with multi-resource cards in their deck (Captain Marvel, Hulk, Rocket, Black Panther), both to help you get the Mansion in play early, and to immediately accelerate you once you get it out. Also pretty good with heroes with built-in acceleration (Cpt Marvel again, Spider-man, Venom, Star-Lord) to get this going faster. Vroom vroom! — Fry · 56
I defintiely agree with some of your Hero choices there, and see a trend...Carol, Rocket, and T'Challa just happen to be some of the ewalthiest Heroes in the game and can tend to afford the Mansion. — Judicator82 · 48

Similar to Godlike Stamina for Asgardians, Reboot is so good that it might just be considered an extension of Vision's Signature Pool. He's the only Android Hero with the only Android Signature, and Reboot is amazing on both of these.

While usable on the available Android allies, none of them are particularly worth building around.

Jocasta (Protection) - Not worthwhile to heal her for a single point of damage, and the heal won't cover a 2nd THW.

Machine Man (Basic) - With 1/1 stats, not worth it. It's expensive to boost his stats, and the boost lasts for single activation, not the entire round.

Protector (Protection) - Prohibitively expensive to keep her going, as you have to pay a Mental resource to use her worthwhile power (ATK) with double consequential damage.

Victor Mancha (Protection) - Can't attack or defend, and you can't interrupt during the Villain phase to ready him to defend again.

Ironically, the only Android Ally worth including Reboot for is Vision (Leadership). Reboot could easily turn Vision into an awesome Voltron type. Imagine a Vision with Inspired, Reinforced Suit, and maybe a Skycycle. It might not be the most efficient build, but it would be fun!

Vision (3), Inspired(1), Reinf. Suit (1), Skycycle (1), Reboot x3 (3), 3 boosts (7 cards, 12 resources total)=40 damage. Could add Sidearm (1) for an extra 8 damage.

An S card for Vision: Should always be included, probably x3. Cheap readying and a heal is too powerful to ignore.

For non-Vision Heroes: Likely a C, too niche to be worth while without a very specific build.

Judicator82 · 48
I'm going to have to disagree with the S rating on Vision. Vision gets nothing special for Ready effects, just his basic 2 Thwart (or if Dense 2 Attack/Defense). Even the healing isn't all that impressive as Vision has no special need for his personal action to be a Thwart or Attack, so he can recover as needed. In addition (and probably the most impressive) is that he has an eternal chump blocker built into his kit thanks to his house and Vivian, meaning he needs healing/readying even less than nearly any other character in the game (the only other characters who can do that are SPider-Woman and Adama Warlock doing the Agent Coulson/Rapid Response trick).. — Erathis · 8
With all of that said, that just leaves looking at Reboot's value in and of itself. Since the healing is really seldom needed on vision, I'm ignoring it. Outside of that it's 2 resources for 2 Thwart (which is fine but nothing special, clear the area is better for example) or 2 resources for 2 damage, which is outright bad. Even if you do value the healing at being worth 1 resources, it's not that impressive. If this was the start of the game when cards in general sucked, then yeah, it would easily make it into every Vision deck, but now a days cards are so much better and the card slots in decks are so very very tight. I can't see that really making decks, and certainly not as a "must have". — Erathis · 8
Reading back over that, it feels like I came off too negatively at the end there. I can see this making a Vision deck, it's not a bad pick if only for its versatility, I simply disagree on the "always" part. — Erathis · 8
I see your disagreement, and simply don't agree. You CANNOT ignore the healing offered by this card. Vision's intangible damage reduction rarely, if ever, completely negates a Villain attack. Vision takes damage pretty consistently, just in smaller amount. Reboot is great for flexibility; it's not just 2 for 1, it's the 'either/or' factor that's valuable. It's worth 3 if used on Vivian. Finally, Readying is powerful in many scenarios — Judicator82 · 48
Intangible doesn't fully negate a villain attack true but it does usually negate all minion damage (something that most other heroes need to deal with). That said, he doesn't need to negate villain attacks because he can literally block every single one of them with Vivian. Again, Vision needs healing and defense less than literally every other hero in the game because he comes with infinite built in blocking automatically. Still, we can certainly agree to disagee. I simply refuse to agree with the word "always" in your review. — Erathis · 8