Cost: 2.

Utilisations (3 jetons Ordre).

Action : retirez 1 jeton Ordre de l'État-Major et inclinez-le → redressez un allié.

War Machine #16.

Get Ready exists, and is 0 cost, so why command Team?

The inherent value here comes from the mechanical structure of Champions: using your entire hand every turn means that Get Ready only has value if you have an Ally on the table that you want to accelerate their tempo with on that turn.

I want to emphasize that accelerating your tempo truly has value, especially with high-cost, high-life Allies. Extra uses of Allies potentially shortens the game by a turn or two, either through direct damage or through stabilizing the game state.

A Command Team offers readying at your convenience, when and where you want it. You can have several out at one time, grinding out the value from a powerful Ally in a single turn. Note that it says "an Ally", similar to Get Ready, so it can be used on your fellow Hero's Allies as well as your own.

That said, there are some careful considerations to take into account here. You should be including Allies whose tempo can be accelerated: that takes out almost all of the popular 2 cost Allies, and includes most expensive Allies that you can't play many of because of the cost. Some low-impact Allies with low stats (1 ATK 1 THW) with 4 or 5 life can become good targets for readying with an attachment or two.

There are some very specific Allies that greatly benefit from Command Team: expensive Allies brought into play by Sneak Attack, Goliath: Bill Foster (to take advantage of his +4 ATK), She-Hulk, Jack Flag, Nick Fury, Power Man (maybe), Spider-Man (both), Thor (both), Venom, Vision, and Wong (because Dr. Strange really needs the help).

This also works well for Voltron Allies that become a juggernaut in their own right, like Black Cat, Yondu, or Iron Man.

My final thought is that this card provides flexibility to Leadership decks, assists fellow Heroes, has a fair cost, works in several different deck archetypes (strong allies, Voltron, Sneak Attack), but requires specific builds.

My rating is a B : Effective in a range of builds

For Sneak Attack builds? This is an S - always include at least one copy of this card.

Judicator82 · 125
Good review. I also like it with Nick Fury, who wastes his second point of health usually, so you are actively getting more value instead of just speeding up your ally's uses — Stretch22 · 557
Great point! I will add Nick Fury as a good Ally for Command Team. — Judicator82 · 125
I would add, it's even better if your hero has the SHIELD trait and can play it for 1 thanks to Team-building exercise. — AlexandreP · 37
I think that Goliath is a questionable target. I generally value 6 thwart and 5 damage (11), vs the 15 damage. While I can see some niche situation where increasing the tempo may clear a minion/side scheme a turn early all around the card is too situationally useful to justify the slot. It’s a must run for permanent Ally builds or the previously mentioned SHIELD builds but not much else. I suppose Tempo is also generally more useful true-solo where there’s a shot of bursting down the villain so it may gain value at lower player counts. — TrueHiddenMist · 24