Attaque. Super-pouvoir.

Cost: 1.

Action de héros (attaque): infligez 1 dégât à un ennemi et défaussez les 5 cartes du dessus de votre deck. Pour chaque ressource imprimée défaussée par cet effet, infligez 2 dégâts supplémentaires à cet ennemi.

Boîte de base #31. Iron Man #2-4.
Rayon répulsif
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)

Q: Can Repulsor Blast’s first point of damage remove a tough status card from an enemy, then its additional damage deal damage to that enemy?

A: No. The additional damage that Repulsor Blast deals is a simultaneous modification of its first point of damage. For instance, if a player were to discard 2 energy resources due to Repulsor Blast, they would deal a total of 5 damage to an enemy all at once, as the additional 4 damage dealt by the discard effect happens at the same time as the first point of damage. -(Official FAQ)

Q: Does order matter when discarding cards for Repulsor Blast? Or can you re-order as you like?

A: You should not manipulate the order that cards are discarded from your deck unless you are told that you can by card effect. -(Developer Ruling , Hall of Heroes)

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