Cost: 1.

Action d'alter ego : inclinez Bruno Carrelli → attachez-lui une carte de votre main, face cachée.

Miss Marvel #7. Ms. Marvel #11.
Bruno Carrelli

It's Bookmark from Android: Netrunner.

While Aamir Khan provides draw value and long-term hand planning, Bruno, like Bookmark before it, is a "build-your-own-Emergency-Button."

And he's not limited to reactive usage either - say you pull both Embiggen! and Shrink early, and don't have the resources to pay for both. Bruno'll hold that for ya.

A lot of villains like to knock cards out of your hand, so he's also an insurance policy. Behind Aamir Khan he's definitely a card you want to see in your opener.

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We don't talk about Bruno... — Rocksteady1986 · 15

A very important thing to notice is that you can store an unlimited amount of cards under him, but take only 3 at once. If you flip every turn, you can filter your deck very precisely and take the filtered card exactly when you need them!

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