Cost: 3.

Action de héros (attaque) : sonnez un ennemi. Si vous avez utilisé une ressource , pour payer cette carte, infligez 3 dégâts à cet ennemi.

Ça va faire mal demain matin.
Miss Marvel #15.

No surprise from the artwork, but this card is amazing for Ms. Marvel and is the card at this point in the game that makes this aspect viable for her. Stun is a very powerful effect in the game and why most if not all decks should be considering Mockingbird at the moment. But, it is extremely potent with Ms. Marvel because she has the option of returning this to her hand every time she uses it. It doesn't even tempt you to play it multiple times in a turn often due to the fact that the secondary stun is a mute point. She also has a built in upgrade that makes sure she can get 3 damage off every time Biokinetic Polymer Suit. So once you have this in play, you can stay in hero form in a single player game nearly indefinitely, plinking away at the villain turn after turn with 3 damage(or 5 damage with Embiggen!). And you might be able to do one more thing in that turn if the resources you have available allow for it.

I think that Tackle outside Ms. Marvel is still a good card if you have enough icons in your deck. You really need the 'stun' to take effect in order for it to be viable for the 3 cost that you use.

Bronze · 258
But the stun takes effect every time. It’s the 3 damage that’s conditional. — PeteCrighton · 25