Attaque. Préparation. Compétence.

Cost: 1.

Interruption de Héros (attaque) : quand une carte de boost est retournée face visible, défaussez Attaque Acrobatique → annulez les icônes de boost de cette carte. Infligez 1 dégât au méchant pour chaque icône de boost ainsi annulée.

Black Widow #6. Black Widow #7-8.
Attaque Acrobatique

Great card to let your fellow heroes go to their Alter-ego. It doesn't specify it needs to be an attack boost. You can trigger while Villain schemes to prevent up to 3 threat. Plus 3+1 damage, that's a great value.

Alarin · 17
It's a Hero Interrupt card, so you can't use it in Alter-Ego form to prevent threat. — Thebof · 1
That's not what OP stated. They just highlighted the fact that, though it is an attack card, it can be used when the villain thwarts, and can help when teammates are in alter-ego (an example of when the villain would thwart). — Feral9 · 8