Cost: 1.

Jouez cette carte uniquement si votre identité a le trait Avenger.

Action de héros : soignez 1 dégât d'un allié et redressez-le.

"Enhardissez-vous car le Puissant Thor se tient à vos côtés !" — Thor
Hulk #30.
Présence Inspirante

Lordy this is a nice card. Generally a free extra activation of the ally of your choice. This card is a great asset for voltron leadership decks. My favorite use I've seen for it is playing Spider-Woman as a hero and then sticking a Sky Cycle a Power Gloves on Captain Marvel. This card effectively becomes a 1 ER ally boosted ally activation that helps cycle your deck!

But really I think anytime you can get an ally doing 3+ of something this card becomes really great value, but the ceiling can get even higher.

Certainly not a card for every deck, but a great option for avenger voltron decks.