Cost: 1.

Action de héros : défaussez Poussée d'Adrénaline → votre héros gagne +1 ATQ jusqu'à la fin de la phase.

"Wahoo, quelle femme ! Et dire que je pensais que Gamora était impétueuse." — Rocket Raccoon
Vif-Argent #22.
Poussée d'Adrénaline

Basically you need second activation, to make this card worth considering in deck. Outside of Quicksilver I don't see other character, how can easily take 3+ activanions in one turn. But I see situations when extra 1-2 damage can make a difference (this is not forced action).

In multiplayer (A-C) B- In solo outside Quicksilver (A-C) C

nosiak · 46
Quicksilver is the best, but I've put this in a Nova deck too. If you only activate twice, that's one damage per resource - very inefficient. Look for those big combo turns with 4+ attacks — Stretch22 · 557
I could see this working in a Valkyrie deck in a minion heavy scenario. She already has a built in readying mechnism, so with one or two of these, and her normal kit, she could hit for 7+ damage and plow through multiple minions — erikw1984 · 6
She-Hulk can easily ready more than three times in a turn if playing an Avengers build — eclecticMel · 4
Now looking good for X-23, who not only can ready multiple times, but can add her ATK to Honey Badger's, and to her own THW when playing Animal Instinct. — RabidHobbit · 11