Cost: 1.

Action d'alter ego : inclinez la Salle de Sport → renvoyez dans votre main l'événement ATTAQUE ou CONTRE le plus proche de la base de votre pile de défausse. Soignez 1 dégât de Gamora.

"Je suis toujours prête." — Gamora
Gamora #8. Gamora #12.
Salle de Sport

This is a truly fantastic card. On the turn you play it it costs one resource (itself) to heal one. If you never used it again that would be OK value. But in fact every turn you go into Alter Ego it will heal another one and draw a card out of your discard pile. You can use that card to pay for something, or hold on to it for your next turn, if it is a particularly useful event.

Then every turn you start in Alter Ego it will heal one and increase your hand size. Other than when you mulligan, you can't do much to curate the cards on the bottom of your discard pile but the healing and increased hand size alone are incredible. I would say this card is up there with Aamir Khan.

adsarf · 184
The other obvious comparison is Steve's apartment. It's a decent card, but it does suffer somewhat in belonging to a hero who otherwise has very little incentive to change to alter ego. — L3w15 7 · 7884