Cost: 2.

Interruption de héros : quand une identité est censée subir n'importe quelle quantité de dégâts d'une attaque, prévenez jusqu'à 5 de ces dégâts. Défaussez du dessus de votre deck un nmobre de cartes égal au nombre de dégâts ainsi prévenus.

Drax #15.

This is a poor card that I don't anticipate ever putting in a deck. Between tough, allies, and stun, there are plenty of better ways to prevent damage, and those all come in at more efficient costs. I'd even probably play Defensive Stance before this because being an upgrade is so much better than being an event that you have to draw at the perfect time. This isn't even a defense event, which would enable some combos like Jocasta or Defensive Energy, so I have a hard time finding the protection deck that wants this. The most popular decks on this website that use Deflection are Adam Warlock decks that use it to help fill the discard. I can respect that. But I would say the average deck should not be playing this card.

Stretch22 · 557
I think #shield_spell is better — MasterKitFisto · 1
Certainly, but you can only play 1 of those — Stretch22 · 557
It's a little less bad now with White Fox and Digging Deep but still a bit over-costed — Capitan Viterbo · 341
It is unfortunate I reviewed this card right before its best combo got released...whoops. I don't think you need many extra discard effects in a Domino deck, but this could enable you to play the White Fox + Digging Deep package in another hero's protection deck, and that could give new life to this card — Stretch22 · 557