Cost: 1.

Interruption de héros : quand un ennemi initie une attaque, cet ennemi perd -3 ATQ pour cette attaque.

"Arrière, monstre !" — Captain America
Drax #18.

This card is by far the best protection card in Drax's pack for multiplayer. In a three or four player game, as the Protection player, my job is to keep the other players safe. This often causes me to want to stay ready for the encounter phase with Desperate Defense and Indomitable just in case there is an enemy attack. Often times there is no attack and I have wasted these cards on two pitiful damage. Subdue and Deflection are so far the only cards that can be used to prevent other players from taking damage without defending (Warning is too pitiful to count). Subdue allows a Protection player to go into the encounter phase exhausted and still have a tool to protect other players. If there is no attack, nothing was wasted. If there is, Subdue is at the ready.

Onions · 80
Preemptive strike also fills the role role of protecting others and while being a defense event it's easier to cast if you have Nerves of steel. — Bojkan9413 · 1
Subdue and Preemptive Strike are two great tastes that taste great together. If you play both in the same attack in MP, you deal damage, defend, and almost certainly take no damage, triggering Unflappable, Hard to Ignore — Schmendrix · 5261
Technically, this isn't a Defense event, as it does not have the Defense trait. As such, you can't pay for it with Nerves of Steel. — Fry · 241