Eric Brooks


Avenger. Vampire.

Cost: 1.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Réponse forcée : après que Blade a contré ou attaqué, choisissez : soit vous dépensez une ressource de votre main, soit vous défaussez Blade.

"Combien de fois vais-je devoir t'enterrer ?"
L'Ombre du Titan Fou #19.

Imagine how cool it would've been if Blade was a Hero. Either way this card is pretty Good for Aggression and Soaking damage. I like the fact that it Replaces Consequential damage with a Payment method, making him feel more like a Hitman/Mercenary. If you've got 1 or 2 Cards you didn't want that has a fist resource than just buy him for one resource and just deal good damage on minions. He gets better if you're playing leadership Cause you can put some good upgrades on him (Reinforced Suit, Sidearm, and Inspired). If I could recommend Blade on two Hero's they would be Star-Lord, and Hulk, Star Lord because he can turn all his Allies to have the 'Guardian' trait which opens up to even more Upgrades (Laser Blaster, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Honorary Guardian). I would recommend Hulk because He has almost all of his cards being Fist resources. Overall I really like Blade, He's good, long lasting, And just a cool character overall.

MrEnricks · 7