Cost: 2.

Réponse de héros : après que vous avez résolu la capacité "Mage de Bataille" d'Adam Warlock, inclinez la cape de Warlock → redressez Adam Warlock.

"S'il y a bien une chose qu'on ne peut nier sur Adam, c'est qu'il porte bien la cape." - Star-Lord
L'Ombre du Titan Fou #35. Adam Warlock #4.
Cape de Warlock

Adam Warlock's stat line is not amazing, so readying him may not seem all that great. But you probably want to be using Battle Mage every turn anyway since it's just innately a good value (even before you get your Mystic Senses online), so you may as well have the Cape to get a little extra value. And then since you're expecting to get an extra ready every turn, upgrades like Heroic Intuition and Armored Vest start looking better.

Plus, who doesn't want a cape?!

Fry · 233
No Capes! ~Edna — Phexman · 1
I might be misunderstanding the other review, but exhausting Adam Warlock is not a cost of "Battle Mage". So, you could use "Battle Mage" and also a Basic Attack, Thwart, or Defense. — Johnathan · 1