Cost: 2.

Réponse de héros (attaque) : après que votre héros a effectué un contre de base, infligez à un ennemi un nombre de dégâts égal au CTR de votre héros.

Malgré sa force incroyable, c'est souvent par la ruse que Spider-Man triomphe de ses ennemis.
Nebula #18.
La Tête Plutôt que les Muscles

I'm puzzled by this card. If anyone has a solid reason to play this, please enlighten me! Thing is, unless you can do better than 3 DMG with it, even Haymaker is better (it doesn't require to basic thwart first).

What I can see here is a card that very few heroes can make viable (Rocket Raccoon with his Thruster Boots, Heroic Intuition and I've Got a Plan, Captain America with Heroic Intuition and Fearless Determination, Spectrum with Heroic Intuition...). Forget it for heroes with lower THW capabilities.

Unless you plan on playing all 3 Civic Duty on the same turn, which would be a lot of work to set up, I don't see how this card holds up. I'd rather play Turn the Tide or even Stealth Strike instead.

neothechosen · 8865
I want to make this card work in a Spider-Woman deck! I could see it being a handy utility option as the last play on some turns. I do think it's a hard card to balance since it feels pricy at 2 but it'd be overpowered at 1. — alby · 1
@alby : cool idea, let me know if it works! — neothechosen · 8865
I'm down on this card too for all the same reasons as you. Too much work for an effect barely stronger and more situational than Haymaker. Even for Spider-Woman, you've got Venom Blast instead — Stretch22 · 349
They maybe could have costed this correctly at 1 with the requirement that it must be paid for with a mental resource. — RabidHobbit · 10

Wasp with Wasp's Helmet and Heroic Intuition is 4 damage. If I'm thwarting and use Rapid Growth, do I deal 4 damage or 6 ? If the damage is 6, I think it could be worth to play Brains over Brawn with Wasp.

wehehe · 121
Actually, Rapid Growth states "+2 to that power for his use", not "for this turn". So my guess is Brains over Brawn does 4 DMG, not 6. — neothechosen · 8865

Question: If I thwart with Venom and use modifiers (like his pistols and/or "making an entrance"), would those bonuses to that base THW be included in this attack?

I would think since it's a response, it would count.

JRyder05 · 1
Since its a response, and "response opportunity occurs immediately after its triggering condition has been resolved." The basic thwart will have completely finished resolving and any bonuses for that action will have lapsed. — Death by Chocolate · 4