Cost: 0.

Jouez cette carte uniquement si votre identité a le trait ASGARD.

Action : soignez 2 dégâts de votre identité. Vous pouvez défausser une carte d'état de votre identité.

"Frimeur." — Jane Foster
Valkyrie #24.
Vigueur Divine

Really like this card, primarily in solo play. Being able to Heal 2 damage off one card is pretty stronk. Also being able to remove Stunned or Confused is really good. So two really good effects on a neutral card that's only real hurdle is being an Asgardian; I dig it a lot. I haven't played much of Valkyrie, but this has been really sweet on Thor.

RolandWright · 1401

This card always confused me because of the combination of art and flavor text. Did the artist just decide to draw Jane Foster like Gwen Stacy?

Nope, the art is taken from the "Gwen Stacy" variant of Thor #3, published in 2020.

chaosof99 · 17