Cost: 0.

Attachez cette carte à une manigance annexe. 1 max par manigance.

Interruption : quand la manigance annexe attachée est déjouée, cherchez un allié dans votre deck ou votre pile de défausse et ajoutez-le à votre main. Mélangez votre deck.

Vision #34.
Rencontre Fortuite

This is one of my favorite cards, and possibly one of the best in the game after the release of player side schemes and paired with One Way or Another.

There are no shortage of ways to nuke side schemes in the game, and having three copies of Chance Encounter allows you to not only recycle your own allies, but lets you search up allies you haven't drawn yet. Having 4 copies of your signature ally makes team-up cards actually playable without another player running the hero!

It may seem like this card's recursion is worse than Make the Call because you can only get your own allies, but the fact that it puts the card into your hand has all sorts of advantages. Many allies have abilities that only trigger when you play them from your hand, which doesn't work with Make the Call. You can also plop this down and plan to trigger it the next turn if the resource count will work better then. Another advantage is that cards like Team Building Exercise actually work with this!