Cost: 0.

Action d'alter ego : inclinez votre alter ego → jouez une carte de votre main en réduisant de 3 son coût en ressource.

"On ne peut atteindre l'illumination qu'avec de l'entraînement." - Dragon-Lune
Vision #36.

Great card, especially if you flip to Alter-ego a lot based on your hero. It turns exhausting into a resource that can combo well if you heal up when flipping to Alter-Ego first, then using Meditation on the next turn. Combine with Ready to Rumble or Earth Mightiest Heros to ready your hero up again.

Also, it enables the playstyle of only playing in Alter-Ego form the entire game. This works great with Vision, Black Widow, She-Hulk, and a few more heroes.

DoxaLogos · 203