Lieu. S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cost: 3.

Exigence (). Utilisations (3 jetons Recherche).

Action de héros : retirez 1 jeton Recherche du Département R&D et inclinez-le → choisissez un personnage ami en jeu. Ce personnage gagne +1 CTR et +1 ATQ jusqu'à la fin de la phase.

Ironheart #20.
Département R&D

Inefficient if you're only going to be using your ATK/THW once in a turn, as it'll only be dealing three damage or clearing three threat for 3+card, AND it's on a delay. For this to be good, you need to be using your stats at least twice in a turn, which means extra readying or cards like Go All Out. If you have enough effects like that, R&D Facility is a decent include. Just make sure your resource base supports it.

Might be best for Quicksilver or SP//dr.

Fry · 241
For what it’s worth it targets any character, not necessarily a hero, so you can use it on allies as well. It may be worthwhile in a Voltron deck or one that makes use of ally readying effects like Command Team or Game Time. — Tzeentch144 · 21