Cost: 1.

Jouez cette carte uniquement si votre identité a le trait X-MEN.

Action de héros (contre) : inclinez votre héros et n'importe quel nombre d'alliés X-MEN → retirez un total de X menaces parmi des manigances en jeu, X étant égal à la somme des CTR des personnages que vous avez ainsi inclinés.

Phénix #18.
Pacificateurs Mutants

To sum up the benefits of this card: 1) Allows you to redistribute THW perfectly, leading to no THW being wasted 2) Allows you to avoid consequential damage on your allies 3) Allows you to exhaust your characters out of turn, letting another player ready you with Team-up cards 4) Allows you to use allies to thwart even if they're confused (rare case, but possible)

If you exhaust 2 consequential damage worth of allies for this, it's basically already on par with First Aid with the bonus of both the heal and the thwart being distributed as needed.

Biggest downsides of this card: 1) Require you to exhaust your hero 2) Is prevented by Confused on your hero 3) Has a Physical Resource which only works for 1 Justice Card (Concussive Blow's kicker) and zero basic and X-Men identity cards.

Alatreon · 29

I don't understand this card. Why wouldn't you just thwart with your heroe and allies instead? If you have to exhaust your hero and allies, what's the point? I just don't get it.

I don't understand at all.

smdavis94 · 7
The allies don't take consequential damage — Evilbob · 1
You can distribute the threat removed as needed so you don't waste thwart.Also, even among heroes, there's a lot of team-up cards — szrlm · 3
Those team-up cards ready heroes, so it allows you to exhaust your fellow players out of turn order to not waste a ready. — szrlm · 3