Attaque. Psionique.

Cost: 2.

Jouez cette carte uniquement si votre identité a le trait PSIONIQUE.

Action de héros (attaque) : infligez 3 dégâts à un ennemi. Désorientez cet ennemi.

Phénix #32.
Assaut Psychique

Confusing the villain is worth about two resources on its own, so getting three damage stapled on for just the cost of a card is a nice value. One of the few ways to access Confuse in Aggression, though fairly restricted on which decks can use it due to the trait requirement.

Fry · 235

Right now it's only playable in Phoenix decks (although Psylocke will be available soon), but MAN is it a workhorse there. Confuse effects are especially important to aggression decks, and having a turn where you can safely flip to Alter-Ego mode without worrying about scheme getting out of control makes singleplayer aggression so much more forgiving. I confidently play three-of and I don't expect to take any copies out any time soon.

DaLucaray · 14