Cost: 2.

Action de héros (attaque) : infligez 4 dégâts à un ennemi. Si un ennemi est vaincu par cette attaque, vous pouvez subir 2 dégâts → répétez cette capacité.

"Tu ne sais pas à quoi ressemble la fureur si tu ne m'as jamais vu énervé." — Wolverine
Wolverine #8. Wolverine #7-8.
Déferlement Berserk

This is a thematically appropriate minion-elimination card. It deals significant damage, and it chains to multiple minions as long as you have the hit points. With I Got Better in play, you could easily kill Wolverine in order to maximize the potential.

But this card suffers from 'Comparison Failure', because the same day Wolverine was released, we also got Storm, who has Blast of Wind. Blast of Wind deals 3 damage to the villain and every minion engaged with a player, all for 3 resources. But it's a Superpower, and almost all of Storm's deck has Superpowers, so Deft Focus is going to be a factor. Likely reducing Blast of Wind to 2 resources.

If there are two minions engaged with a player, Storm will dish out a total of 12 damage, without the 'defeat the minion' caveat.

I guess I'm saying this card works for Wolverine's play style, but I feel that they made its cost (2 damage) too high, since chaining is already dependent upon defeating an enemy.

That being said, 4 damage is pretty high, and will defeat the majority of minions. So murdering Wolverine in order to clean out a swath of minions isn't a crazy decision with his resurrection card in play.

MacGhille · 243
I'm guessing you, like many others here, primarily play single player. You missed a prime example of why this is different from Storm's cards and that's "engaged with a player". So if say in a 4-player game, each player has a single minion engaged with them, Storm can only hit 1 minion, whereas Wolverine can pounce around and kill them as many as he sees fit. That's before the considering that not all minions need killing. Maybe another player like a Phoenix wants to mind control something, but then your Storm just kills everything or nothing. — szrlm · 4
I don't think you can use 'I Got Better' with 'Berserker Barrage', as 'I Got Better' explicitly states "When you would be defeated by an enemy attack." It's still great, you just can't sack Wolverine with it and pop him back up to go a few more rounds — Patrix · 4