Betsy Braddock


Psionique. X-Men.

Cost: 4.
Health: 3.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 2.

Psylocke entre en jeu avec 2 jetons Psionique sur elle.

Interruption : quand Psylocke attaque un ennemi, retirez 1 jeton Psionique → désorientez cet ennemi et infligez-lui 1 dégât.

Wolverine #13.

I feel like this ally is going to be an instant staple in Aggression decks, especially for squishy heroes that need to flip regularly. Two separate confuse instances against the villain plus a chump block is already huge value; the 4 damage on top is a nice bonus. She also has a pretty high Thwart in a pinch.

Tzeentch144 · 20

Psylocke is an expensive ally with a unique twist, who becomes much more attractive if you have Uncanny X-Men in play.

It was an excellent choice to make her an Aggression ally, because her special ability ensures that Heroes weak in thwarting can flip to their Alter Ego without fear. Despite this, I would probably play cards with more significant cost/benefit assessments for dealing damage...since this is an aggression card.

MacGhille · 241
She's expensive, but she likely blocks 3 villain activations (unless steady/stalwart) and deals 4 damage. If I am paying 4 resources, I'm not sure what more you could ask for. Fantastic card — Stretch22 · 521