Cost: 1.

Jouez cette carte uniquement si votre identité a le trait X-MEN.

Action de héros : cherchez un allié X-MEN parmi les 5 cartes du dessus de votre deck et mettez-le en jeu. Si cet allié est toujours en jeu à la fin de la phase, ajoutez-le à votre main.

Tornade #20.
"À moi, mes X-Men !"

I'm having a doubt with this card.

At which point of "End of the phase" does it trigger?. I mean... In the rulebook, the end of the phase has 3 steps:

  1. Discard any number of cards, discarding down to hand size.
  2. Draw until you have cards equal to hand size
  3. Ready all cards from all players.

I'd say that you must resolve its text before the first step of the sequence, so, that ally is taking one space in your hand, but I'm not sure of it. Anybody can clear that refering to any specific rule?

wehehe · 129
I was wondering the same thing until I checked a card that gives you "+1 hand size until end of the phase". — Delipha · 1
Sorry for the spam ,but I pressed "Enter" for new line and instead got my comment posted. Anyway, the card is just as bonkers as you think it is. It has the exact same wording "Assess the Situation" and so I can only conclude that it works in that same way, otherwise "Assess the Situation" won't work at all. — Delipha · 1
I'm in agreement with Delipha. The 3 steps you list from the rules reference are what is done "to end the player phase". So the ~end~ of the player phase happens after these steps and therefore after you draw up to hand size. Makes this card way more powerful than I thought as it basically costs 1 ER! — Stretch22 · 444
So the end is after the end of the end. Somehow it makes perfect sense :) — venomik · 1