Xi'an Coy Mahn


Psionique. X-Men.

Cost: 4.
Health: 1.
Attack: 0. Thwart: 0.

Réponse : après avoir joué Karma de votre main, choisissez un sbire non-ÉLITE. Tant que Karma est en jeu, prenez le contrôle de ce sbire et traitez-le comme un allié CONTRÔLÉ dont la boîte de texte est vide. Son CTR est égal à sa MNG imprimée et il subit 2 dégâts consécutifs après avoir contré ou attaqué.

Malicia #11.

This is such a powerful ability for a non-identity card! Stealing a minion is like killing the minion and deploying an ally copy, but unlike Phoenix's Mind Control, Karma sticks around to grant you an additional block (the downside is an extra consequential damage for each use of Karma's minion). You don't need to steal that big a minion to get your 5 resources worth...even something with 3 health and 2 ATK gives fine value...but stealing a Sentinel Mark VIII or Tyrannosaurus Rex will swing the entire game in your favor. Karma is a situational card, but I am happy playing situationally powerful cards in Champions since the floor of any card is to be a resource for another card. Should see a lot of play in high-performing decks!

Stretch22 · 539

Karma gets easier to play with the The Power of the Mind resources and provides a little extra punch when you play her with Psimitar in play! I'm playing her right now in a Phoenix with some really good results (I love turning Melter against Klaw)!