Alter-Egos HD: Episode 2 (Remedy - Justice)

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Remedy · 1739

From our podcast episode 2:

Justice provides a slightly slower paced approach to Black Widow but really her pre-con showcases the potential the aspect has for her and it can be quite easy to change around just a few cards and still have a really strong deck as the pre-con works so well.

Adding cards like Under Surveillance give you a bit more lee way on the main scheme side of things. Stealth Strike and For Justice offer additional sources of damage and threat control. Quake and Coulson provide new additions to the ally suite and Coulson in particular offers greater consistency on getting appropriate preparations down. The flexibility he has alongside a 2THW is all you need to know about the fan favourite agent!

One of the coolest new cards is spycraft, not only does it thin your deck, provide a trigger opportunity for mission control and provide greater flexibility but it also means that challenging modular sets or problematic encounter cards can be sent away in the hopes of finding something less problematic (say legions of hydra into caught off guard) but it also lets you cycle to find a treachery to cancel with her grappling hook.

In solo play this deck can chug along a bit slower into some scenarios. The 3 espionage is more out of interest of ongoing assessment of card draw. I'd probably find a way to squeeze the 3rd copy of both For Justice and Stealth Strike for greater consistency.

A fun and powerful deck which is part of our Honorary Deck series which you can check out here.