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Danimal0808 · 346

One of the best parts of this game is deck building and looking for those really cool combos. However, sometimes you may just want to have some pre-made aspect decks that can be shuffled in with any hero and just go. Well, that is what I have attempted to do here. I have these decks saved as quick decks in TTS and separated in my card box. This has proved to be useful to quickly get into a game with my kids right before bed. :)

I tested these decks with a variety of heroes on verses Klaw or Mutagen Formula. I even Hulk. This deck is defiantly is not the most fine tuned for a particular hero. I tried to build with cards that are useful to all heroes, while giving tools that are specialized for certain heroes. Example: I included a Target Acquired that Black Widow will like but still useful to every hero. Same with Hit & Run for Gamora & Ms. Marvel. I specifically excluding cards that only work for a hero with a certain trait. So, no honorary avenger or quincarrier.

The Thematic Story: The heroes are trying to enjoy there life when all of a sudden they get a distress call and there is not time to plan their strategy. The heroes quickly take the "Basics" with them to just into the battle.