The Marvelous Ronan Killer (Massive Card Draw)

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JRise33 · 4217

Are you looking to get revenge on Ronan or any other tough villain who has your number?

Introducing The Marvelous Ronan Killer that comes built with a MASSIVE card draw engine that deals out insane damage.

There will be frequent turns when you have 10+ cards in your hand...

And moments when you think your turn is over because you have to many resources in your hand... But draw into/make the call to Nick Furry, Maria Hill, White Tiger, Ironheart or Kaluu (find Strength In Numbers) and all of a sudden your combo keeps going.

Keys to success:

  • Get AT LEAST 2 allies out ASAP (even if it's Ant Man for 1) - this will maximize Band Together.

  • Try to keep at least 3 allies up at all times to maximize card drawing with Strength in Numbers and resource generation with Band Together.

  • Try to avoid chump blocking with Stinger as he lets you get your ally limit up to 4 if you are unable to play The Triskellion early.

  • Energy Channel's will charge SUPER fast, but make sure you're only using them on the villain.

  • Don't forget to draw a card after using Photonic Blast if you pay for it with an energy resource.

  • Use Captain Marvels Hero ability to heal one and draw a new card if you feel you're stuck with a lot of resources in your hand.

  • Don't be afraid to flip down to Alter-ego to maximize her 6 hand size + 1 ability and +1 alpha station.

Honestly this deck kind of breaks the game, but it's really fun to beat up on villains from time to time.

Ronan will still be challenging and you'll need to make smart decisions, but you'll still be in a great place to destroy him regularly when playing solo


Jan 09, 2022 stilonxy · 2816

Are you sure you've not derived it from one of the most liked deck lists on this site? To me it looks like a tweaked/updated version at least. I don't mean to be toxic, I just think you should give credit where credit is due :)

Jan 09, 2022 L3w15 7 · 8091

@stilonxy I'm gonna be honest, I just looked at the list linked and it looks nothing alike to the one posted here...

The only cards in common are: Nick Fury and Maria Hill Strength in Numbers (although the other list plays 2) Triskelion, Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier Energy, Genius and Strength.

That's 10 cards in common, and they are all very commonly played staple cards that could easily go in any leadership deck.

I do agree that credit should be shared if a deck list is copied, but this one clearly wasn't. Even when deck lists are similar I think it's unfair to assume they are copies of eachother because the card pool is still relatively small once you have a core idea in mind so players can easily coincidentally come up with the same ideas.

Jan 09, 2022 JRise33 · 4217

@stilonxyhonestly didn't event look at any other Captain Marvel /leadership decks on the site before posting. I was working on a Hulk card draw engine and then this came from that. I checked out the link you've included - I'd say a good chunk of the cards are quite different.

Jan 09, 2022 stilonxy · 2816

@L3w15 7 What you're looking at is a two year old deck list, of course it will be different. You're obviously missing the point. This deck is presented as some ingenious idea that will break the game. I'm just saying that this very idea has been done already. Only this time around it's implemented differently, and maybe even better (what do I know). Ideas should be acknowledged as well in my humble opinion.

@JRise33 No worries, that deck just came to mind when I saw this one. I'm sure this deck can stand on its own :) Keep up the great work.

Jan 09, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 2532

@stilonxy I don't think it's fair to say that this was a copycat as there's plenty of differences. That being said, there's nothing new about a SIN deck, even with Capt. Marvel, as there's plenty of them floating around this site. You're right that this isn't some ingenious idea that will break the game though.

On a different note, FWIW, I find that SIN decks along with Band Together often play very poorly against villains that hit hard. What I've found is that obviously I'm hoping to get 2/3 allies out ASAP obviously, but then that's balanced by the need to use them for blockers. Especially when villains activate twice on a turn. It can regularly be a problem that Band Together is useless, or only counts as a single resource which seriously nerfs this type of deck at the beginning. The other issue I find is that often I can't keep up with some villains encounters, with their minions and schemes, as the best allies to play cheaply (Blade, Stinger, Ant-Man) can't really make much of a dent on a 5 HP ally, and if I'm investing in them, I need them to pay off when I do find SIN. But then surviving villain attacks and encounter cards on essentially my hero stats alone becomes challenging with some villains. If the engine gets set up, SIN with Band Together decks are amazing, but that early game can be really rough. Anyone else find these issues?

Jan 09, 2022 neothechosen · 5458

I just read the thread. My two cents on it:

The other day I had a crazy good idea : a Star Lord deck buffing Iron Man and drawing like crazy using the Guardians of the galaxy update. It was such a cool deck and I was to publish it, but this time I did something I never do and did a quick search. Dr00 did it before me with "a suit of armor around the galaxy", which I honestly had never looked at before. So even though I had built my very own deck I felt like it was superfluous to propose my list which, of course, came pretty close.

I do believe in giving credit when somebody else 's deck gives me an idea, but since we all work with the same cards, it's bound to happen that we overlap each other without malice.

On another topic I'd like to know, @JRise33, if this list beat the expert version with 'kree supremacy'?

Jan 09, 2022 .wil · 1

Stinger (Cassie Lang) uses she/her pronouns.

Jan 09, 2022 journeyman2 · 3682

@teamcanadahockey2002 Captain Marvel actually runs these builds very well without ally blocking, because she has high HP and built in heal!

This is very similar to a build I was going to post, but I think mine might be too similar. Very sad. I think Band Together works so well with Energy Channel. My build didn’t run SiN and did run Vision, Mighty Avengers, Black Panther, Avengers Assemble. Was just about to start testing Command Team + Goliath. Though I was testing vs Expert Kang and Tower scenarios not Ronan.

I do think that there are quite a few authors on this site (including people commenting) who pass off common ideas as “revelations” and make claims about win ratios etc just for likes. I’d like to see more authors do what Brian-V is doing now and recording use of their decks when they post.

Jan 09, 2022 InigoMontoya · 2679

@teamcanadahockey2002 I think my issue with Band Together is it's either amazing and you get three resources and you're already winning, or you're losing and it's a dead card. I've had more of the latter with it. I'd rather just have the guaranteed 1 or 2 resources of a power of card. They can always help.

Jan 09, 2022 neothechosen · 5458

I think this thread is very interesting but has the potential to be a bomb in the community. I re-read my own comment and I can see it might be misinterpreted, I'm sorry for that, I certainly do not want to be toxic either.

In clear, I meant "Good job on the deck, @JRise33".

And also, even if there are similarities (or it falls in an archetype SIN deck), I believe similar decks are unavoidable, and does not mean it's "a steal". Authors should give credit if they can but, let's be honest, it's kinda hard to keep track of EVERY deck posted here and people may not look at past lists (I, for one, certainly don't have time to look at all of it so, sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by publishing "their" deck!)

@journeyman2 I believe you are right, there are few "revelations" deck. And I agree with you - what Bryan V does is great, but also a LOT of work and I don't see a lot of people can get THAT involved. I know some players are all about win ratios / efficiency / mathing out the power of the cards...

For my part, I usually post a decklist when I think it's FUN, or when I stumble upon a combo that I think is worth sharing - even if I'm not the only one to notice it (I don't think that's even possible). When I propose a deck that revolves an idea that I know has been around for some time, I usually mention that it's "my take on it", not the unique one. And honestly, I also mention when my decks have had limited play time because I know a lot of people have performance expectations.

That being said, I hope this place doesn't become a competition of "my idea first"!

Jan 09, 2022 journeyman2 · 3682

Well said!

Jan 09, 2022 InigoMontoya · 2679

I do think this is a really good deck, and shows how powerful Leadership card draw decks are right now.

This is second Captain Marvel Leadership deck I've seen on here that beat Ronan. So, she's probably a pretty good hero to try to take him down. Expert or Standard.

Jan 09, 2022 stilonxy · 2816

@neothechosen I just want to clarify that I completely agree with you. It's impossible to keep track of all the decks out there. In this case we're talking about one of the most popular decks however, and I think my concern was more about the presentation of the idea than the content of the deck. I was wrong in assuming the author knew about it however. My bad. I too hope this place doesn't become a competition of "my idea first", it was never my intention :/

@journeyman2 I can only speak for myself. I only post decks that, for me at least, are both very fun and perform well on expert. I also spend a lot of time crafting and play testing. I'm thus usually both very excited and proud of the decks. Hence, I like to let people know that my decks perform well.

Jan 10, 2022 JRise33 · 4217

@stilonxy``@neothechosen @journeyman2``@teamcanadahockey2002 wow just catching up on the thread here. What a convo! Ya for context I love this game - have had it for about 2 years, but only found this community about 3 weeks or so ago and only found out about the ridiculous card draw potential leadership has about 2 weeks ago. Not really an aspect I've played much so the excitement in how I wrote the post was purely because it was brand new to me and I finally felt I had a fair fight with Ronan. I certainly won't be the last person to have a similar journey like this towards finding this site so let's just keep it positive and assume positive intentions of posters. I honestly think most people have better things to worry about than cheating the system for more likes on a Marvel Champions database. I'll definitely try to be more mindful of vetting earlier decks before posting in the future though.

Jan 10, 2022 neothechosen · 5458

@stilonxy I completely get you man, don't beat yourself up because I believe you still make a valid point. For instance, if I copied every Bryan V deck, changed only one card and claimed I just had to best idea ever, I'd just be a disrespectful phoney!

You and me have been around this website for a long time now, and fact is I've been recently noticing some negative comments here and there, or some that I assume were snide comments, regarding the "property" of well-established ideas, or "this deck is much better than...". I just worry that it'll become common.


I often don't check previous decks myself, but I've been here since the Captain America (or was it Ms Marvel?) hero pack, so I've seen a lot of the deck archetypes appearing and becoming a thing. I'd say don't censor yourself, lots of decks actually benefit from a fresh perspective. Like your protection Black Panther, it brought me back to my own decklist (with a laugh or two because my list wasn't so good) and it got me back to playing BP protection. Thanks for that!

Jan 10, 2022 Brian-V · 27812

@JRise33 Doesn't bother me at all! Nice deck. I do see @stilonxy's point too, but can happen to anyone. If you're new to the site, one cool thing to do to see the evolution of the deckbuilding on here, is to go to the site's Hall of Fame. (I also don't want you posting your Dr. Strange Leadership deck next and unknowingly have it be very similar to the #1 deck of all time on here - haha).

If you're just getting into the Strength in Numbers archetype, there's some old decks on there that could give you some inspiration for new builds of other heroes too, if you're interested. Some of these decks are even pretty well-known within the community, like dr00's Black Panther "Forever-and-Ever" deck or my She-Hulk "Draw & Slam" deck.

Not that I represent the community here or anything, but welcome just the same. Looking forward to more of your decks! :)

Jan 12, 2022 JRise33 · 4217

Ooo thanks for sharing @Brian-V. I love the look of the She-Hulk deck. Excited to give it a try.

Feb 10, 2022 chaosof99 · 17

I just tried this deck out. I had a turn where at one point I had thirteen cards in hand. Absolutely ridiculous.

Feb 10, 2022 JRise33 · 4217

@chaosof99 hahaha ya it's pretty ridiculous. Just kinda breaks most scenarios.

Feb 25, 2022 dvicom · 1

@JRise33 Great Deck!!!! This week I have defeated Ronan several times, not easily but enjoying the games very much. I've also tried some of your other decks and I love them, good job!

Mar 18, 2022 Bo0mShaKaLaKa · 1

Just checking, using Make the call to play Ironheart or White Tiger from the discard pile would not trigger their card draw effect, right?

Mar 18, 2022 JRise33 · 4217

@Bo0mShaKaLaKa you are correct because they must be played from your hand.

Mar 18, 2022 JRise33 · 4217

Thanks @dvicom! Glad you've been enjoying them!

Jul 24, 2022 wojciech · 1

One of the most OP deck I've been played!