Vision the Intangible Minion Collector

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thebrandt · 744

Deck Build and Two Game Plays

The strategy is straightforward. Flip to hero form and stay Intangible the entire game. Tank all the minions and use reboots and First Aids to heal Vision primarily.

Get Boot Camp down and use your allies to deal damage to the foes and to guard minions. Leave all other minions out so you can play Bring It! for massive card draw.

Eventually you can flip the villain and then go to Dense form (grabbing some attack events with Density Control) and win on that turn.

Amazingly, Shadow of the Past is your best friend. Once Ultron comes out he simply fuels your strategy even more!

Vision’s obligation is the main issue the deck has to deal with. The answer is Spider Girl. Play her often and confuse as many 2 thwart minions as you can. Then when you draw the obligation you can flip down to Alter Ego, remove it and still have control over the threat.

Plasma Pistol, Vivian, and Energy Spear are all there to help you remove tough statuses.

Note that at the time I built the deck initially I did not have access to Thor and Throg. Both allies make sense in general but they are not necessary. Also I realized I do not use Machine Man in this deck.

The deck has been well tested and has beaten Expert Rhino, Klaw, GG Mutagen Formula, Crossbones, Zola, Red Skull, and Thanos.


Jan 22, 2022 Graceclaw · 27

Looks neat! Just a quick clarification though - I don't think you can use plasma pistol charges while Intangible, since it's labeled as an attack (you mention it's here to remove Tough). Just wanted to toss it out there in case anyone thought otherwise!

Jan 22, 2022 Saan · 3090

@Graceclaw Actually, Plasma Pistol, while doing damage, isn't actually labeled as an Attack. You just exhaust it, remove a counter, and a damage is dealt. It's just a Hero Action, so there's no reason you can't do it in Intangible form.

Jan 22, 2022 Razbot · 1

Is Throg worthwhile here as a consistent 2-cost Toughness ally? Seems like in some scenarios being able to tank two hits would be worthwhile

Jan 22, 2022 thebrandt · 744

I typically build decks to face each villain individually so certainly making adjustments for different villains makes sense. I was surprised that this deck was able to handle Expert Thanos though.

Jan 22, 2022 Fry · 172

Energy Spear seems awkward, since it only goes on Angela. I like the idea of a deck that can comfortably play Hercules for a cost of zero, though!

Jan 22, 2022 thebrandt · 744

@FryYou draw so many cards it’s easy to get the spear on Angela. Bring It! typically draws 5-10 cards! Also once you have the spear on Angela you use first aids to heal her

Jan 23, 2022 Fry · 172

For multiplayer, it might be cute to squeeze in a Get Over Here! to pull minions off the other players.

Jan 23, 2022 thebrandt · 744

@FryUnfortunately Get Over Here is an attack card and cannot be played while in Intangible form.

Jan 23, 2022 Saan · 3090

@Razbot I have Throg in mine, since sometimes you still do want to block an attack, rather than have Vision try and deal with every hit with Intangible.

Jan 23, 2022 thebrandt · 744

@saan yeah I can see that against Ultron, Thanos, Hela late game. I was surprised that the deck managed Thanos without a pile of chump blockers though. I went for healing over chomping in the build but I’d love for people to build the way they want to play!

Jan 24, 2022 Saan · 3090

Oh, also, I want to credit @Astrodar for coming up with the concept for this deck in the Discord! It seemed like kinda a funny idea, but actually turned out to be a really cool, fun deck that has a surprising amount of legs.

Feb 13, 2022 L3w15 7 · 9501

I just stumbled across this and just want to say I really really like the concept behind this. Any deck that deviates from the usual "clear every side scheme, clear every minion, set up, then kill the villain" gameplan is a big hit in my book.

My only concern is it looks like actually dealing the damage to end the game in one turn is a bit of a struggle. Even with bring it giving you a 10+ card hand to be able to afford the 3 solar beans you still only realistically clear one villain stage this way. Affording further superdense strikes on top of this seems difficult.

The boot camp allies are dealing a max of around 12 in one turn. So that looks like around 35 damage burst + a bit more if you drew enough cards to be able to afford reboot/superdense strength.

With a villain with a bigger health pool I assume you need to rely on dealing a bit of damage with the boot camp allies the turn or so before you choose to flip to dense just to make sure the villain is within range?

Feb 13, 2022 thebrandt · 744

@L3w15 7 You use your allies plus boot camp to whittle down the villains first stage. Once the villains health is low that is the turn you go for flipping the villain and killing. Remember that Density control will allow you to pull attacks from your discard pile. Some combination of super dense strikes and solar beams plus two or three allies with boot camp and visions attacks with reboots will get you the damage. Remember by then you have deft focus, solar gem and mansion on the table as well to pay for things. The highest stage iii villain is Thanos and that is 28 damage you will need in one turn.

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 4739

@thebrandt I'm revisiting this with the Dive Bomb/Honed Technique for 11/5 combo now available. Curious if you've looked at this deck recently?

Also thinking of adding Hall of Heroes..

May 31, 2022 thebrandt · 744

@teamcanadahockey2002 Neither of those cards will be very effective because you actually do not want to kill the minions. The idea is to get as many minions in front of you as you can and leave them there so that Bring It! draws a pile of cards. You also stay in Intangible form as much as possible (drawing your obligation is the Main exception). Dice Bomb could be okay for using when you finally flip for the one turn kill but it’s not necessary as the deck easily has enough damage to deafest the villain already.