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JWalton77 · 1282

This Star Lord deck is looking to capitalize on the powerful new card Meditation to speed up his already impressive ability to build his board. Between Meditation, One Way or Another, and his ability Peter has 3 different ways to generate 3 resources instantly. And since we’re using OWoA, we’re taking advantage of another powerful new card, Chance Encounter. This side scheme attachment allows us to build a tool box of useful allies to bump into whenever they’re needed.

To start the game, mulligan hard for Meditation. Since you’ll always have an Element Gun it’s a perfect target. If you have One Way or Another and you feel safe feel free to play it as well. The second card you’re looking for is Mockingbird. I use his ability to play her, but if you don’t get her I probably wouldn’t use his ability on the first turn. OWoA already gave you one problem to deal with, without stunning the villain you probably don’t want another.

From there just try to keep getting a Chance Encounter out whenever possible and use it to get Mockingbird if she’s not already in play. It’s not a stun lock because you likely won’t be able to play her every turn, but that’s ok because thanks to Think Fast you’ll be flipping down to alter ego to use Meditation again whenever possible.

Key concepts:

Meditation is the key card here and can be used to play all of Star Lords big cards like Element Guns, Leader of the Guardians, and Bad Boy, as well as all the expensive allies. It’s counterpart is Think Fast. Try to use this every other turn to get back to alter ego as often as possible to play more expensive cards with Meditation.

It’s Star Lord so his helmet is always a top priority.

For a Justice deck there aren’t many threat removing events. The primary way to control threat is with your allies so get Leader of the Guardians out when you can. Gutsy Move and For Justice are there as well.

The allies included all serve a purpose. As stated before, Mockingbird is key to stun repeatedly. Spider-Man Peter Parker can usually take out a side scheme by himself. Nova Prime can remove the biggest non-elite minion on the board. Spider-man Miles Morales is a mini version of either of the previous two, being able to thwart for 3 or attack for 4 on the turn he comes out. Eros is great for thwarting and since you flip down a lot his ability to confuse minions can be really helpful. And Ironheart is the best chump blocker in the game.

Edit: Based on helpful comments I will add that Miles can easily be swapped out for Speed if you find yourself needing even more burst thwarting, or Nick Fury if you prefer him. Really he can be a good stand in for whatever your specific scenario is. You could use Wraith also if you have a lot of Boost abilities to avoid. I would probably keep the other allies as they are, but Miles is pretty flexible.

Attach Chance Encounter to a side scheme whenever possible, and use it to get whatever ally will help most in the current situation.

Element Guns and punching with Peter and allies is primary minion control, but there’s always Sliding Shot if you get a heavy hitter.

For keeping Star Lord alive we have Endurance for extra health and Crew Quarters to help offset the damage from Think Fast. Jet Boots can prevent a damage or two. Bad Boy is fantastic as it gives you an extra flip down to alter ego for more Meditating. And on the turns the villain isn’t stunned you should have an ally to throw in front of it. In fact you often want to block with Mockingbird so you can play her again.

If the extra encounter cards don’t go too badly on the first round or two (and let’s be honest, it’s Star Lord so they very well might) you should have enough resources and card draw to get set up very quickly. From there you can manage the board with your powerful allies and go for the win!


Jan 26, 2022 InigoMontoya · 4367

I like this idea a lot. Clever use of a lot of cards. Basically gives him What Could Go Wrong on alter ego. Did you consider Speed as an ally? 6 thwart in a round with Leader of the Guardians is amazing.

Jan 26, 2022 neothechosen · 10350

Cool ideas! I would definetly make room for Nick Fury though.

Jan 26, 2022 Dansome · 1

Over been wondering how to use this combo. I love what you came up with!

Jan 26, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@InigoMontoyathank you! I think you could easily slot Speed in there for sure. I think Miles could be a flex ally so if you need even more burst thwarting (like in multiplayer perhaps) then he would be a good replacement. Great idea!

Jan 26, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@neothechosenThanks! You definitely could have Nick in there. I only didn’t use him because I feel like I personally overuse him lol but he could swap out with Miles as an all rounder for sure.

Jan 26, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@Dansomethank you very much! I really had a lot of fun tinkering with it for a few days. The first version was awful lol but I think it’s pretty solid now

Jan 26, 2022 InigoMontoya · 4367

When you get Meditation in your hand in Hero, would you just hold onto it for the next round when you flipped to AE? Or was it more situational than that?

Jan 26, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@InigoMontoya typically it’s been more situational. If I need it for a resource in hero form I’ll use it. But if I have a Think fast and I’ll be heading down to AE I’ll hold onto it if possible. Especially if I could still draw a Leader of The Guardians or Bad Boy

Jan 26, 2022 InigoMontoya · 4367

That makes total sense. FYI, I've been working on a somewhat similar deck for Spectrum. The idea is to bring out Blue Marvel as much as you can with Chance Encounters.

Check it when you can. :)

Jan 26, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@InigoMontoyanice! I’ll take a look at that for sure! I haven’t played Spectrum nearly as much as she deserves

Jan 26, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@InigoMontoyalooks good! I tried using Coulson in this deck to recycle Spycraft. Thought it might help mitigate some of Star Lord’s encounter draws. Unfortunately it was a bit too slow, but I think using him in yours with Chance Encounter and Counter Intelligence should work nicely!

Jan 27, 2022 InigoMontoya · 4367

@JWalton77 Thanks, dude. Still in the testing phase, but it plays well. Congrats on having the most popular deck right now! Well deserved. :)

Jan 27, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@InigoMontoyaand thank you for the kind words!

Feb 26, 2022 GrrttSyl · 1

I used this deck against expert Hood. The battle was a nail biter for sure but a lot of fun!

Feb 27, 2022 JWalton77 · 1282

@GrrttSyl oh nice! Expert Hood is a beast! Glad you had a good time! :)