Ant-Man (SCL 13:5)

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Teberle · 23

Solo Champions League Season 13 Round 5 - Tower Defense + Streets of Mayhem (01/22/23-02/04/23) Difficulty: Expert Hero: Ant-Man, Black Widow, Spectrum, Vision, or Wasp Aspect: Leadership Campaign Elements:

  • 3 Damage to Avengers Tower

Build the table with Avengers Tower, Mighty Avengers, and Quincarrier. While also putting down some Quinjets in order to get the high cost allies out. Although Fury and Professor X aren't avengers they are helpful for card draw and confusing Proxima Midnight respectively.

Make the Call and Rapid Response are there to make sure you always have an ally there to soak the attacks from the two villains and not worry about the negative effects on the tower (unless you get rain fire as the boost card).

Thanks to VillainTheroy for convincing me to use the quinjet again.