Storm Leadership vs. Risky Business Take 2

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yodaman1971 · 68

This is the deck I used in Season 14 Round 2 of the Solo Champions League vs. Risky Business with the Wrecking Crew modular set. It was pretty easy to stall and set-up. The main think that slowed me down most games was having to deal with the high HP Wrecking Crew minions.

Storm is good. Didn't even use the weather card that made things -1 ATK. Game Time was great once I got an ally set up with a Danger Room Training and I was able to flip back and forth to Alter Ego without too much worry so I could use Utopia to help keep allies around.

Game 1- Clean win in 7 rounds. 16 HP left on Storm and Allies

Game 2 - Clean win in 8 rounds. 15 HP left on Storm and Allies

Game 3 - Clean win in 9 rounds. 13 HP left on Storm and Allies