Cable's Round Table

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

Cable's Round Table

Have you ever played a deck with mutants, spider-people, vampires, spies, androids, asgardians, avengers, x-men, guardians, champions, kree, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and a Hulk?!

Welcome to Cable’s Round Table!

Playthrough against Expert Venom Goblin:

Playthrough by Night of the Living Card Game:

The Round Table’s Inclusiveness

Every ally listed here has a unique ability and the key to piloting this deck is figuring out when to activate who. This deck is fairly difficult to navigate but the reward is well worth it. Examples from my Venom Goblin playthrough are playing Sunfire to get rid of a nasty villain attachment, having Marvel Boy pierce tough and get around retaliate, and Spider-Man Miles Morales coming in to thwart big for 3. Cable plays with a pretty clear goal of clearing as many player side schemes as possible, but adding these different aggression allies create unique/versatile decision-making opportunities.

Setting Up Your Cable

Cable is your premier setup hero. During the early game, we want to play Graymalkin ASAP for that resource generator so my number one target recommendation for Soldier X is Build Support. If you have Graymalkin or Build Support in your hand already, I would tutor Call for Backup into Nick Fury to get a big start. Try to pace clearing 1 side scheme each turn to maximize the benefits of Cable’s hero ability for him to ready and if you’ve already used his once per phase response, leave an extra side scheme for next turn to clear. Use your allies to help you manage the board as you work your way towards those player side schemes. Once you get your Plasma Rifle, you’ll have big damage to control minions and slowly chip away at the villain’s health.


If you’ve seen my decks before, I love setting up a big burst turn. Aggression Cable does this as well as anyone. Late game, we’re aiming to draw 1 copy of Telekinetic Blast, which should hit for at least 12, Plasma Rifle hits for 4, and Cable can swing for 4 with Hand Cannon. That’s already 20 damage! Throw in a few allies and that will defeat stage III of any villain. In my playthrough against Venom Goblin, Cable was able to do 38 damage in a turn true solo.

Tips & Tricks

-Turn 1 we’re looking for Mind Scan or one of our 10 allies that have at least 1 thwart. We need to remove 3 threat from Build Support to get going.

-Most of our aggression allies have higher attack than thwart so have them prioritize clearing minions. Cable already has strong thwart in his kit, so we’re using aggression to round him out.

-Use Graymalkin and Cable’s basic activation first every turn. We want to maximize the advantage of clearing side schemes to get as many readies throughout the game as possible.

-Flip down to alter-ego to get that 6 handsize and proc Professor as often as you can. Cable can easily/safely change form with Bodyslide (then go right back to hero form) and Precognition (set the villain’s scheme activation’s boost card to be low).

-Don’t fret about high threat count. Mind Scan can easily thwart for 9+ threat late game thanks to all the victory display side schemes, so take advantage of that and allow threat to accumulate if you have more important priorities.


Dec 28, 2023 MrSelfDestruct · 9

Haven't tried Cable in Aggression yet, excited to watch your video and try it out!

Dec 28, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@MrSelfDestruct Hope you enjoy the deck! Cable is so much fun :)

Dec 29, 2023 corbintm · 1263

You're absolutely killing it with all the decks recently. Good stuff!

Dec 29, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@corbintm Thanks man! Can’t get enough of Marvel Champions!

Dec 29, 2023 turtles04 · 491

No shade to anyone else but I feel like you and Descry are the S tier of Marvel Champions players! Cool deck!

Dec 29, 2023 MrSelfDestruct · 9

Just watched the video, and damn if you didn't pull Sunfire and Precognition at the exact right times to deal with that damn Venom Glider!

Dec 29, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@turtles04 Thank you—I really appreciate that! I definitely still have a lot of room to improve, still making mistakes not fully reading card effects hahaha. Descry’s one of my favorite YouTubers so it means a lot to be mentioned with him.

Dec 29, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@MrSelfDestruct I definitely lucked out with those sequences! It was also very fortunate drawing 2 Telekinetic Blasts in that final turn which wasn’t needed but super fun doing crazy damage! It feels like Cable has so many different ways to deal with different problems and it’s awesome when he lucks into them.

Dec 29, 2023 tunicv · 327

I really enjoy this deck, but I watched the video and have a question. Why do you wait so long to get Technovirus Purge out? It seems to improve him so much.

Dec 29, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@tunic2011 Very happy to see you’re enjoying the deck :)

Technovirus Purge’s stat boost is fantastic, but I’m not a big fan of it because of the risk of losing the boost from Cable’s obligation. Early game, the 5 threat from Technovirus Purge is a big tempo hit compared to the other player side schemes, and late game when it’s easier to remove 5 threat I don’t find the stats as useful since Mind Scan is doing big thwart and Telekinetic Blast/Plasma Rifle do big damage. It’s really just a preference thing but with the allies in this deck I find myself usually not clearing Technovirus Purge unless there’s no other side scheme at my disposal.

Dec 31, 2023 AverageHulkEnjoyer · 77

I love your use of Hulk as an ally.

Dec 31, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@AverageHulkEnjoyer Thanks! That’s a big compliment coming from the Average Hulk Enjoyer haha. Hulk ally is one of my favorite aggression cards so I definitely try to include him when I can.

Jan 07, 2024 jonnielawman · 1

Web....this is a SUPER fun deck it rocks...thanks and keep up the good work

Jan 07, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@jonnielawman Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Jan 08, 2024 Weenkster · 25

Deck was a blast to play. Paired it and Deadpool-J in a 2p game and we had an awesome time. I’ve been working on going through my heroes and playing some in aspects I’ve never played them in and this Cable Aggression was a highlight. Thanks!

Jan 08, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11306

@Weenkster Super cool hearing that and I'm glad you liked the deck. That's a very fun and thematic duo!