Rocket Raccoon - Marked Dive Bomb

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TrueHiddenMist · 21

Disclaimer: This is a niche deck best suited for multiplayer and scenarios with a decent selection of minions.

Dive Bomb and Hone Technique has been a fun combo abused by Rocket for quite some time due to the amount of damage/card-draw it enables. This deck extends that value by running 3 copies of Marked. After building your board of 3 Follow Through, Thruster Boots, Honed Technique, and 3 Marked Minions drop your Dive Bomb. Not only will you get the standard damage/board wipe the damage into the 3 Marked Minions will overflow to the villain and get further boosted by Follow Through. Marked works for any attack so it will also combo with Rocket Launcher although the overall damage will be lower.

Rocket is quite frail, so we have several affordable allies for chump blocking and Psylocke to confuse for free flip downs.

Edit) Trade the No Quarters for Melees. There aren’t enough fist resources to make it consistent and Melee is another Honed Technique staple.