Black Panther Swings a Mean Ax

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"Jarnbjorn Forever!" - Black Panther / Aggression 154 139 26 1.0
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You wouldn't like Black Panther when he is angry 0 0 0 1.0

Novawyrm · 67

This build is built around Black Panther using Jarnbjorn. The deck has been optimized to supply him with as much Physical resource as possible to fuel Jarnbjorn and Hulk.

The large amounts of Physical resource helps keep Hulk in play and doing maximum damage. Drawing a mental aspect card would cause you to discard Hulk so I have removed as much mental aspect from the deck as possible. Unfortunately, this includes the Genius card but, Black Panther's Vibranium should makes it's loss less noticeable. All the other aspect cards left in the deck should be played as they are drawn because they upgrade your kit. Damage:
This build should be able to dish out a ton of damage. -Mean Swing can feed off any of Black Panther's weapon cards without removing the ability to use them in a Wakanda Forever!. -Jarnbjorn pumping up the attacks of both Uppercut and basic attacks augmented by Skilled Strike
-Really high odds of Hulk dealing extra damage every attack.

Thwart: Keeping up with the scheme is a weak point. The thwart of 2 plus the use of Tactical Genius at the end of a Wakanda Forever! sequence will help keep up with threat.

Black Panther will most likely need to heal frequently. However, the +2 Rec from Down Time should help get him back to the fight quickly. T'Challa use of The Golden City and Ancestral Knowledge make flexing down often for healing tempting.

I am going to team this build up with my Protection Powered by Spycraft build for Black Widow for my next game. I will update both builds after each play through. I am going to start with Rhino go through the core three villains.

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Build Questions: I am not sure if Jarnbjorn can be used to enhance Energy Daggers attacks cause the card says deal 1 damage and not attack for 1 damage. If it does count, Ultron and his drones wouldn't stand a chance against this build.


Sep 23, 2020 Novawyrm · 67

First use notes: Villain Rhino on Expert with Black Widow(Protection). So Hulk did Hulk things and discarded Jarnbjorn with is first attack and then discarded himself by discarding a card on his second attack. sigh Heroes won but the build didn't shine.

Sep 24, 2020 Novawyrm · 67

Second Game: Again Black Panther is underwhelming. He doesn't seem to do the damage he "should" be capable of doing. Played Klaw/Masters of Evil on Expert and didn't even clear the first stage of Klaw before losing on threat. Hulk again wasn't worth having in the deck let alone stacking to deck with .