Bash 2 Basics - She-Hulk Aggression Challenge (Core Only)

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Hotztuph · 7

Opening Hand: You are going to want to fish for Avenger Mansion and put it in play. This will help with the reduced hand size in Hero form.


  • Stay in Hero form as long as possible, use She-Hulks high health to your advantage.
  • Build up to use a Gamma slam for big damage.
  • When you draw Split Personality , you are going to want to use in Hero Form to take advantage of the 6 new cards and the free two damage when you flip back to Hero. If you need a quick heal, this is a good opportunity to take it.
  • Hellcat is good to Thwart for a few in a pinch or to remove a pesky Side scheme like Breaking and Taking (Rhino) or Defense Network (Klaw).
  • Mockingbird or Superhuman Strength are both good to play and get a stun on the villain to get that extra turn in hero form without taking an attack.