Cost: 1.

Interruption de héros : quand une carte Trarise est révélée du deck Rencontre, annulez ses effets "Une fois révélée".

"Mes sens d'araignée sont en alerte !" — Spider-Man
Boîte de base #4. Spider-Man #4-5.
Sens d'Araignée Améliorés


  • Encounter cards are what “kill” you in this game, so having a card that can cancel a Treachery encounter card is huge!
  • Still, the card costs 2 ER (Effective Resources), so ideally you want to cancel a Treachery that would otherwise cost you more than 2 ER value.

The order in which I will cancel Treacheries is:

  • 1) any Treachery that will end the game for you immediately or place you in a losing spiral;
  • 2) Shadow of the Past;
  • 3) any Treachery that will advance the Scheme deck;
  • 4) you might consider this card in hand as insurance if your team is in total control of the Villian;
  • 5) the last Treachery revealed this round, provided cancelling it provides at least 2 ER worth of value.

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