Cost: 3.

Resource: Exhaust Pepper Potts → generate the resources of the top card in your discard pile.

"Do your thing. I've got this."
Boîte de base #33. Iron Man #7.
Pepper Potts

This card is similar to Helicarrier, but strictly superior for two reasons. 1) It is not an action, which means it can be used during the Villain phase if needed. 2) It gives you a typed resource. Obviously, when playing Iron Man you should be paying close attention to the order in which you discard your cards. This has all kinds of synergies, with powering your Rocket Boots to go aerial being the most obvious within your hero deck. For extra fun, discard a Tech Upgrade from hand with the desired resource type to pay for a card. Activate Pepper Potts to take the resource, then add it back to your hand using Stark Tower.

FreqKing · 23
Also, once pepper is down, any turn in which you draw a 2 resource card (genius, strength, energy) you get to use that card to generate resources twice — WillPovey · 2
Great review. It’s ok for it to be strictly better than Helicarrier since it’s a hero card, but technically Helicarrier has one big advantage: it can be used for another player. Pepper can’t generate resources for a friend. — KingOfRohan · 542
Yes good point — FreqKing · 23