Cost: 1.

Action d'alter ego : cherchez une carte avec le trait Asgard dans votre deck ou votre pile de défausse et ajoutez-la à votre main. Mélangez votre deck.

"Pour l'honneur ! Pour la gloire ! Pour Asgard !" — Thor
Thor #4. Thor #5.
Pour Asgard !

The most useless card in Thor's deck? Probably. What do you really want to pay 2 cards out of hand, or 1 if you're lucky, for when paying for For Asgard!? Well, not Lightning Strike. Maybe Thor's Helmet, if you'll die otherwise, but really there's only 1 prime target, Hammer Throw. You only have 3 of these, so that's 24 damage you can lay on the villain. You know who else has that damage capability? Spider-Man with Swinging Web Kick, but he only gets 3. Thor, theoretically could use a fourth copy by bringing it to hand with For Asgard! Not that likely, but even so you want that card to be in your hand because you'll be 8 damage points closer to victory once each time you play it.

I would play this card for Lady Sif. She's that awesome. — gustave154 · 22
You can’t get Hammer Throw, it isn’t Asgard traited. What you really want is Asgard to make up for his bad hand size. — Servicious · 8
Exactly, you can not use it to retrieve Hammer Throw. At first, I thought this card was quite bad. However, in practice, I use it often, mainly for Lady Sif, and sometimes to search for Asgard. — ekalel · 1
This card got a big buff with Angela from the Gamora deck as she has the Asgard trait. — Butthorn · 11

Thor can be pretty strong once he's set up, but with a base 5/4 hand size, it can take a while to even find your cards. For Asgard! transforms itself into another one of your key pieces for a mere one resource, helping you set up that little bit faster. Look to grab Asgard, God of Thunder, or The Bifrost, probably in that order.

It also recurs cards out of your discard pile, so if you lost one of those key cards to a Treachery, or you just want another go with Throg, it's good for that, too.

Fry · 241