Aérien. Tactique.

Cost: 2.

Action de héros : choisissez jusqu'à X ennemis, X étant égal au nombre de personnages AÉRIEN que vous contrôlez → infligez 3 dégâts à chaque ennemi choisi.

Star-Lord #14.
Supériorité Aérienne

With 2 aerial characters, this hits the 2 dmg/resource mark that we typically use to judge attack events. Having 1 is close to unplayable, but not completely dead (Haymaker), and having 3 is insane. You need 3 different targets, so this is best in multiplayer games with plenty of minions in the encounter deck. You also need aerial allies.

The current list of allies with the aerial trait is: Adam Warlock, Falcon, Wasp, Starhawk, and Star-Lord's and Ant-Man's signature allies, Nova Prime and Wasp. The non-leadership allies can possibly be brought under your control with Make the Call in a multiplayer game, or using Spiderwoman. The upcoming Captain Marvel ally in War Machine's pack is also aerial, and Sky Cycle can turn any ally Avenger ally aerial (though I wouldn't play the card just for that effect). The easiest heroes to make aerial are (copy/pasted from the Ever Vigilant review): Dr Strange, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Star Lord, Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-Woman.

I think this is too situational for my tastes - I want to make sure I can use my full hand every turn of the game to good effect, but possibly doing 9 damage for 3 resources is something worth building around and I am curious to try.

Edit: there are tons of Aerial minions now that make this card a better option. You can search by trait on the Cards page

Stretch22 · 521
I think the good thing about this card is it's a catch up card. If things are not too good and you're overrun with minions this cleans a lot of them up and puts you back on track. A lot of other cards are win more cards and don't help when you need it most. — Fates · 3