Captain America
Steve Rogers



Cost: 6.
Health: 4.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.


Réduisez de 1 le coût pour jouer Captain America pour chaque personnage AVENGER que vous contrôlez.

"Avengers, rassemblement !"
L'Ombre du Titan Fou #11.
Captain America

Currently solid in decks that build a wide board of allies using Avengers Tower and the Triskelion. Can potentially be played for 1 resource if those cards and Stinger are in play. Will be the best ally to combo with Save the Day and Go Down Swinging when the War Machine pack releases. Could combo with the latter to provide a block using toughness token, then 12 damage (3 attacks at 2 damage each and 6 damage from Go Down Swinging) from for the low cost of 3 effective resources.

Ionichk · 8
if your hero's also an avenger then it goes to zero, I think — OrionJA · 8

Needs the adequate deck to shine. Best if you are an avenger and you are playing Avengers Tower and Stinger. In that cases you can make him even zero cost (4 avengers allies + stinger + your avenger hero or 3 avengers allies + stinger + exhausting the tower).

Clintparker13 · 116