Cost: 1.

Tant que Nebula est sous forme de héros, ses attaques gagnent Perçant et Déferlement.

Spécial (contre) : retirez 3 menaces d'une manigance.

"Je suis une guerrière aussi valeureuse que toi !" — Nebula
Eduardo Mello
Nebula #4. Nebula #3-4.
Ambition dévorante

How this technique interacts with Into the Fray? If I kill a minion with it... Should I choose to either remove threat from the Scheme or deal damage to the villain, or I just do both? I'd say that I do both, but I am not sure at all...

wehehe · 100
My guess is both. It's similar to what happens when you use Moment of triumph with overkill, you still get the heal. In this case, you DO deal excess damage, so you remove threath, and you DO have overkill... I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work. So I agree with you, both. — neothechosen · 7780
Both. Anytime an attack deals more damage than an enemy’s remaining health there is some amount of excess damage. Most of the time, excess damage is wasted and doesn’t matter. All Into the Fray does is remove X threat where X=excess damage. All overkill does is deal the excess damage to the villain - but it is still excess damage so it still applies to Into the Fray and Moment of Triumph. — Death by Chocolate · 4